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Welcome to Art is a Way!

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How excited I am to open the doors of Art is Way for you!I strongly believe in the power of imagination and creativity when it comes to making of the world a better place. If each one of us does something good with our individual talents, we will be doing something great not only for ourselves but also for everyone else. As Herman Melville said:“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” The aim of Art is a Way is to become a space where you can feel inspired to take action and walk in the direction of your visions and dreams. A place where you can feel understood and welcome. Let’s live our lives with purpose. Let’s connect with each other and let’s share. It is not possible to succeed totally alone. In order to grow, to learn, and to experience  progress we need each other. Life in this complex modern world could be solitary sometimes, but if we open up and reach for each other, we will be able to create bonds with like-minded people. This type of connection has the potential to  impact our lives in positive ways. Let’s make of Art is a Way  a point of encounter for all of us. Let’s build a strong community of creative people and let’s build friendship. This will ultimately give us more power  to do our best work.



  1. I m hugely divinely fascinated by ur page n website.its v creatively n passionately done so I cud connect to it dat very moment. :).i m a creative learner all d reading.keep going. U r doing wonderful.

    • Thanks a lot for your words, Uma. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying our new home. Looking forward to seeing you around!
      Elsita 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  2. Elsa, I have been trying to connect you up with Freya who is in LA right now with her family! I am old fashioned in that I don’t do facebook and use email, which I sent you but have had no reply (am thinking that they are stranded out there in nowhere land). You do seem to keep some time for this blog, though, which I just found. Email me for her phone number (can’t post it on your blog comments) or don’t post this comment(?)


    • Dear Michael, I just wrote you an e-mail. (I get hundreds of them everyday, that’s why sometimes I can’t respond right away). I’m in touch with Freya now. It would be great if they could visit us on the weekend.
      Sending my love!
      Elsita 🙂

  3. Querida Elsa este nuevo espacio creativo es sensacional, la estética impresionante y tu generosidad con tus seguidores excepcional.
    Te deseo una etapa muy muy positiva y enriquecedora

    • Mil gracias Vicki por tus palabras. Yo te deseo un 2013 lleno de creatividad e inspiracion. Un abrazo!
      Elsita 🙂

  4. Dear Elsita,
    I have just discovered your website and I love it. I will come back often to have a look at all the beautiful and inspiring things you make! Your story touched me. And it must be encouraging for a lot of people.
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    • Thank you, Hirondelle.
      You’re very welcome here at Art is a Way.
      All my best!

  5. Hola Elsa,soy uruguaya, llegué a está página de casualidad, justo estaba buscando algunas ideas de arte con papel para un trabajo de la facultad, felicidades por el blog, me encantó el mensaje inicial, muy cierto.

  6. HI!

    Im sure you hear this a lot. But oh man, Im pretty much blown away. Your work is such an inspiration. Im in the creative field as well, but at a very young and indecisive stage. Thank you for this, you’re awesome 🙂

  7. Elsa,
    I just finished the article in craft magazine and came to find your site. I was very pleased to know that you were an artist that I already knew through Etsy. I love the whimsy of you work and am inspired by the fact that you have not allowed yourself to be bound by one meduim. I am a watercolor artist, but I love working with wood, making pottery and dabling with paper and origami.
    I am also excited by the notion of the community that you are seeking to foster here. I am looking forward to joining this community and I think you for your beautiful contribution to our world.



  8. completely over the moon with your and absolutely love what you do with your blog! brilliant, inspiring. the world needs so much more of you!

  9. completely over the moon with your work and your blog. beautiful, inspiring. the world needs so much more of you! thank you!!

  10. Hola Elsa.
    Soy estudiante de Historia del Arte de la UH y en nuestro curso de arte cubano contemporáneo estudiamos parte de su obra. No sé si esta es la vía correcta para contactarla pero como veo que usted responde los comentarios me atrevo a molestarla para pedirle si podría contactarla vía email para hacerle algunas preguntas sobre su producción actual, con vistas a completar una investigación que estoy realizando sobre su quehacer como parte de la evaluación final de este curso. Por favor, si pudiese contestarme se lo agradecería infinitamente.
    Muchas gracias, Lays.
    PD: este sitio me parece una magnífica opción para el desarrollo artístico contemporáneo. La felicito!

  11. When I first spied you on the cover of American Craft I gave a little gasp at your beautiful red paper necklace. I too have been playing with that same technique of folding paper circles into 3-dimensional sculptural shapes. I use mostly magazine images and vellum. It’s been a lonely process because I haven’t found “my community” of others so your website gives me hope of a chance to connect and share art and idea. Thank you for creating this forum and I absolutely love your amazing papercrafts! BTW I live in Orange County, CA and I too have young children (a son who is 11 and a daughter who is 9). How wonderful it is to have those sprites in the house as inspiration.

  12. Love your creations of every type of media. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for sharing so much with so many.

  13. Oh, what a wonderful and creative idea, full of philosophy and good will for our sake. I’m so glad I found it out. I tried to subscribe to the newsletter but failed to, my email seems to not working. Wonder why.. I will bookmark the blog instead 🙂
    Thank you Elsa for being such an inspiration 🙂
    Anne-Julie recently posted..New Jewelry Shop Update!My Profile

  14. La noche anterior me envolví de las maravillas que encontré en tu pagina de internet y por ser ya tarde no termine de explorar todo. Esta mañana casi corro a mi computadora para inspirar mi corazón otra vez.
    Quiero crear cosas con papel y me gustaría tener un consejo tuyo para poder empezar. Existen clases on-line o algún otra fuente de información para principiantes?
    Ahora vivo en Seoul, Korea del Sur y he encontrado varias tiendas que tienen papeles espectaculares así que quiero tomar ventaja de esto. Podrías orientarme? seguramente te llegan cientos de correos electrónicos todos los días así que tendré paciencia.
    Con cariño Marcela

  15. Hello Elsa…
    Utter(less)ly Speechless (‘pun’ intended!)…that’s what I am, looking at your creations. I coldn’t agree less, reading your ‘Art Is A Way’. Being an Architect, I have a habit of thinking ‘how else an object could be…’ once I see one. And ‘Art’ is the only guideline that directs one to look at anything…
    Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

  16. Elsita! Hace mucho que admiro tu trabajo, pero recién hoy se me fue la vergüenza y me decidi a decirtelo acá en tu web. Me fascinan esos mundos y personajes orgánicos que creas. Tu historia de fuerza, creatividad y versatilidad tanto en el trabajo como en la vida son muy inspiradores
    Te deseo lo mejor! Muchas gracias por este hermosos espacio y por toda la belleza que creas a tu alrededor 🙂 . Mucho amor, lu.

  17. I just found your beautiful blog and work via “The Jealous Curator” and I am so enamored with everything you do. Your statements about art, life, struggle, and creativity are so wonderful and inspiring. I look forward to sharing your beautiful art and positivity with my friends and family~Aloha!

  18. hallo to you
    my name is simona and i live in israel
    i reached your site by chance – and i am very happy to meet people that are creative and doing art makes them happy. i am a psychologist and work with young chikdren throug stories and making puppet theatre. i enjoy very much my work and have much satisfaction to make children creative.puppet for theatre are my very joy- i make them of all kind of materials and systems.
    thank you for your site-

  19. What a window for inspiration and hugs direct to my heart your blog is full with.
    Now that I need so much inspiration and light this came! I am very lucky.
    I love art and paper and your way to share your talent.
    Una agradecida admiradora.

  20. I’m pretty much blown looking at your creations!! Your statement about
    creative art is so inspiring!

  21. An awesome creations! You express yourself through your creations. Love it!

  22. I’m glad to have come across your blog and a like-minded soul. I, too, think art can make a big impact on the world and we should use our talents for good. I also share the love of handmade designs and paper textures. Take care!

  23. Hi Elsa,
    I tried to subscribe but for some reason the website won’t take my info. 🙁

    Love your work.



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