My name is Elsa Mora and my nickname Elsita. My birthday used to be on May 8th (1971) until I discovered that it was the wrong date. You can read the full story on my website.

When I was born, the planets were aligned in perfect harmony for me to fail. I was one of eight children that came into this world for no special reason. Neglected from the start, I was a victim of those bad things you hear about in the news.

All I had to do was follow my “destiny” and I would have become the lost creature that I was born to be. All I had to do was be one more sheep in my barrio and react to the terrible things that happened to me in the same way everyone else did.  But mysteriously, I did the opposite.

Was I was slightly smarter than my peers?  The answer is no. Many of my screwed up neighbors and friends were very clever, even though some ended up in jail, or even dead. Was it that I was touched by some special light? Not at all. Those stories about “special lights” are made up to trick us into believing that good things happen only if something outside of us does the magic.

Then what happened? How did I end up being a better version of what I was supposed to be? The answer is Art, lots of imagination, and creativity.

I was able to imagine a better destiny. I made it happen, day after day, inside my head. I wrote that imagined world down in diaries, I drew it, I painted it, I modeled it in clay and plasticine, I sang it out loud in the bathroom, I daydreamed about it.   That imaginary reality became my project, my experiment, my secret, the only thing that I could count on because it was all up to me. Everything else failed me but not my imagination.


I became so connected to that invented world, that I lost my way back into that other ugly reality where I was born. Then, when I became an adult, and before I was even aware of it, I had moved full-time into that better space, a place that became real before my eyes. One choice at a time, one day at a time, one idea at a time I found my way into a better reality. One morning I opened my eyes and said:  I MADE IT! I still say that inside my head once in a while when I wake up.


After that bumpy ride, here I am, excited to share my passion for art and creativity with you. I truly believe that life, just like art, has the potential to become whatever we want it to be. I am passionate about the power of art and I want to share that passion with you.

Thanks for stopping by and see you around!