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Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Blog, Books | 7 comments

Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 25)

Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 25)

Please somebody do something!!!

This little frog is about to pop like a balloon!!

Frog white fondo copy

Please froggy!!!!

Stop trying to be as big as an Ox!!!!

It’s never gonna work!!!

Do you want me to hold your three-finger hand?

I promise not to ruin your yellow nail polish!

 May I interest you in some fly dessert?

(Something tells me that she’s not listening)

But if you think of a way to call her attention please let me know. I just tried everything 😮

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  1. Hee hee! I LOVE this froggy Elsita!!!! about telling her there’s a great yard sale on just down the road selling those Froggy boots she loves?!!! xxx

  2. I hope she does not try to take in any more air…..or she will ruin that beautiful silk blouse by popping all the buttons off!

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