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Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Blog, Children | 18 comments

Yummy Universe by 7-year-old Diego Horberg

Yummy Universe by 7-year-old Diego Horberg



yummy universe small


Diego created this “Yummy Univere” (meaning Yummy Universe) because he loves food, or the idea of food, because in real life he’s very picky. But in his imagination anything is possible.

Here I am going to list the name of his planets:

1. Coca Cola Sun

2. Cardot Moom → (Carrot Moon)

3. Rock Candy Venus

4. Pear Topia

5. Planet Donut

6. Coo Keis’ N’ Cream Mars→ (Cookies and Cream Mars)

7. Chocoland

8.Fryed Plutto → (Fried Plutto)

9. Marshtopia


  1. This drawing makes me giggle inside. I am always amazed by Diego’s original way of seeing the world (the universe) and can only hope to tap into that fresh way myself. Thank you, Elsita, for getting this wonderful work onto your blog, and for your ongoing generosity of spirit. You and Diego inspire me 🙂

  2. yumm!!! me encantaria vivir en Chocoland!!!!! Un beso enorme a Diego, cuantas buenas ideas!!! abrazo Elsita, gracias por compartir, por muy ocupada que este, siempre vengo a ver tus post, realmente son una gran inspiración, los quiero. Maga

  3. Will you please ask Diego if I can live on Planet Donut? And if that one’s filled up, Marshtopia? I would be a model citizen with just the occasional nibble.

  4. All the planets look nice, but I want to live on Marshtopia. It looks like a very friendly planet, and if I fall down I won’t hurt myself.

  5. I just love this drawing and concept and Diego’s amazing mind!

  6. Oooh…I want to go to Diego’s universe. Will you ask him if he forgot to add the Planet Cheescake – that would be my favorite!

  7. this would be a great image to screenprint of t shirts for young and old alike

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