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Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Blog, Inspiration & Thoughts, Nature, News, Travels | 27 comments

Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.

Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.


One of the reasons why Bill and I are in Woodstock NY now, is because we have a dream. We want to buy a property in the middle of nature with some land around so we can build a special place for creative people.

What I envision is a large studio and a couple of living spaces with all the conditions for visitors to spend time learning, relaxing and getting inspired. I would offer workshops throughout the year but I would also invite other artists from around the world to come over and teach as well.

Wouldn’t that be great? Just thinking about it makes me happy. This is a dream in progress, we’re not ready to make it happen right away, but we’re taking baby steps towards it.

house 1 copy

Above is one of the places that we explored yesterday. We saw 5 properties in total but this is just the beginning of our search. We also want to look into other towns near Woodstock. All of these places are about 2 hours away from NYC by car. There is also the train. That’s one of the things that I love about this area. We would be living in the middle of nature, but at the same time not too far away from NYC.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”.-Yoko Ono

I wanted to start the year sharing this dream with you because I believe in what Yoko Ono said. Bill, Natalie, Diego and I believe in the power or art, creativity, and human connection. That’s why we’re dreaming this dream together. Feel free to jump into our wagon, this will be a fun journey no matter how long it takes.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I discovered your blog yesterday and am so happy I did! Your words and dreams are inspiring and life-giving. Thank you for sharing. Another positive message I read today made me think of your posting above: ‘Think big, start small, learn fast and make a positive dent in the world.’ Best of luck with your endeavors, I look forward to reading about them.

    • Thanks a lot, Carrie! I’m so glad to hear that you found my blog yesterday. Yay! I really love the positive message that you shared on your comment. It is very inspiring.
      Happy New Year and see you around!
      Elsita 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  2. Now, I am dreaming this, too!!! I can’t wait to go there…
    Maiz recently posted..Pen BlockMy Profile

    • Hi Maiz! I know that you would all LOVE this place. We are looking forward to moving here whenever is the right time. Happy New Year and let’s get together soon!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  3. I love your dream, Elsita! I grew up a few hours away from Woodstock and I love the small towns and beautiful countryside. What a great idea 🙂

    • Thanks, Gayle! I love all the people that we have met from this area. They are so real and down to Earth, just like you 🙂 It is great to hear that you grew up close to this area.
      Happy New Year!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  4. Que idea mas hermosa ! Un lugar así es uno de mis suenos (dentro de 10 anos…) ! Y la zona que habéis elegido parece encantadora. Os deseo lo mejor para ese proyecto (y tambien para el año nuevo) !
    Dorothée recently posted..Lulus d’hiver…My Profile

    • Mil gracias, Dorothée! Bill y yo hemos estado pensando en este proyecto por largo tiempo. Ahora estamos tomando los primeros pasitos para hacerlo realidad. Estamos super excitados con la idea. Feliz año nuevo para ti!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  5. What a nice surprise, Elsa! My Family comes from that area and we used to Christmas shop in the town of Woodstock the day after Thanksgiving.There are many interesting little towns around Woodstock and I bet you will find just the right spot.:)
    I would love to participate when you are ready.
    Good luck!
    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks a lot, Jeanne! I can’t wait to have you over here when our project is a reality. I know that it will be great because we’re putting lots of love into this idea. More than a project, it is the way that Bill and I want to live the rest of our lives, so it is a life project. We are so excited!
      Happy New Year!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  6. This makes me very happy as I have often thought I’d like to come for a class but the west coast locations always put a stop to the thoughts. This is exciting!

    • Hi Lyn! I can’t wait to see you over here for one of my workshops. No matter how long this will to take, it will be great. Bill and I are doing everything to make it happen. Yay!!
      Happy New Year!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  7. In the meantime come hang out with us at the Lakeside Studios -mi studio es su studio

    • Hi hermana! That’s my dream for the Summer. But I have to tell you, we saw a building in Hudson that is perfect for Hot House/ Porto Luz. You need to come over here!!
      Happy New Year!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

    • Yay Sherri! It makes me happy to read your comment because it gives me inspiration to keep working on making of this dream a reality Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  8. The Hudson Valley is very close to my heart. I went to Bard College (on the other side of the river from where you are), and the landscape and particularities (and peculiarities) of that place will stay with me forever. It’s not the best season, but in the future, maybe consider taking time to see the Storm King sculpture park, and Poet’s Walk park. Also, this realtor always has intriguing properties:

    • Thanks a lot Andrea for this link! I just sent it to Bill. You are reading our minds! Today we spent the whole day looking at properties in Hudson. We fell in love with the place. The kids were very happy specially about the town because it is less isolated. We need to listen to them because they are part of this project. Natalie has been a little concerned about being in the middle of nowhere. But after seeing Hudson she got very excited. We’re going back there tomorrow.
      It is great to hear that the Hudson Valley is close to your heart 🙂
      Happy New Year!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Winter Break. Our trip to NY. Day 5.My Profile

  9. I love your dream. How wonderful.Sounds like you are on your way! Blessings, Chandi

  10. It’s a lovely idea, I hope that you all can find the perfect spot.

  11. Dear Elsita, I am sure your dream will come true! (and mine is to teach an embroidery workshop there, jiji). Love your incredible world. too inspiring! big hug from Buenos Aires!

  12. Dear Elsita,

    Nowadays we are constantly listening people saying “Follow your dreams…”. Every time listen or read this advice I wonder what my dreams are and I don´t get an answer. I`ve been through a lot of sad things in the past few years and it seems I loose my liveliness, my energy. And suddenly I felt something when I read your article. Maybe my dream is to visit your special place! It seems to me that we will find joy, happiness, freedom and support in that place. It is really quite impossible to me because you know, I live so far away from you…and yet it has the ingredients of a dream…Thank you

  13. I must have missed this post when it originally went up ( clicked through from your Idylwild cabin post ). How funny that we have the same dream! We’re hoping to fulfill ours in the Northwest, while you’re looking at NY. Hope you are able to make your dream come true!
    Lesley | Artsy Forager recently posted..Prevailing Beauty: Megan WestonMy Profile

  14. Hi Elsa! I
    We made a similar move and it’s the best thing we have ever done for our creative selves and our kids! I encourage you to look on the east side of the Hudson, too. Columbia County, where we moved (from LA) 7 years ago, is truly paradise, 100 miles from NYC, and located between two amazing small towns, Hudson, NY AND Great Barrington, MA (in the Berkshires). The cultural and natural worlds here are unparalleled! Come visit and we will give you the grand tour! xo Paige (from The Sister Project!)

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