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Posted by on Aug 24, 2014 in Blog, News, Travels | 8 comments

Road Trip from California to NY (Day 4)

Road Trip from California to NY (Day 4)

Dear friends and family,

We are currently in one of the most amazing places that I have ever seen: Monument Valley. I fell in love with the Grand Canyon, but I have double-fallen in love with Monument Valley. This place is very spiritual and calming. If you ever need to really disconnect from everything and re-connect with yourself, this is the place.

Before leaving the Grand Canyon yesterday we had an interesting experience. Bill stopped the car to take some pictures when this crow raven came very close to us. He had such a strong personality, but gentle at the same time. We thought that he was looking for food but he said that he just wanted to wish you the best in our round trip:




The landscapes on our ride were amazing and so peaceful. Very minimalistic.


Over here at Monument Valley we are staying at a wonderful little cabin, which is part of a hotel called Monument View. This is the perfect place to stay when you come here. The cabins are brand new, we are one of the first users. They look like tiny houses from that TV show called: Tiny House Nation. Below you can see a picture of them. I think that there are 20, ours is #4.


Take a look inside our cabin:





This is the view from our porch:


Here is the front of our cabin with our car-and-trailer behind it.


And here are some pictures of Monument Valley. I took them a few feet away from our cabin. Isn’t this place amazing?





Now it is time to say good-bye. Our next destination: Santa Fe!

Have a wonderful Sunday wherever you are!

Elsita 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures! Any chance you will swing through Taos? We moved here three months ago from Chicago and would LOVE to meet up with you and your family Elsita!



  2. Hi Terry! I wish that we could go to Taos! This time it won’t be possible, we’re following the plan that Bill carefully put together. But maybe in the future 🙂
    Elsa Mora recently posted..Road Trip from California to NY (Day 4)My Profile

  3. (oh whoops. my web site “recently posted” was automatically added. not my intention to promote my own site, i promise! and i couldn’t edit it out.)

    • Don’t worry Marya! I love having the link to your site! That is a plugin that offers every commenter to link to their blog. You can uncheck the link before commenting, otherwise it will be published automatically. But again, I love having the links! That way we create a bridge between this blog and yours. 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Road Trip from California to NY (Day 4)My Profile

  4. when you are in santa fe call kathleen wall. She’s a friend and wonderful sculpture


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