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Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Adults, Artists, Blog, Sculpture | 3 comments

Phantom Islands by Tobias Wüstefeld.

Phantom Islands by Tobias Wüstefeld.


Tobias Wüstefeld is a multi-talented artist. He is an Illustrator, Designer, and Director based in Hamburg, Germany.

Photography © Tobias Wüstefeld ↓


You will be impressed to hear that Tobias has also produced lots of tracks, 174 of which were released. Before focusing on visual media,  music was a great part of his life.


Today I am excited to share this beautiful models created by him using Adobe Photoshop CC and Autodesk 3ds Max . This project is based on the idea of Phantom Islands.


According to Wikipedia, “A phantom island is a purported island that appeared on maps for a period of time (sometimes centuries) during recorded history, but was later removed after it was proven not to exist.”


Now I invite you to visit the artist’s website to see more of his work:




  1. Wow!!!! these speak to me……soooooo mysterious and beautiful. Thank you for introducing us to him.

  2. I feel a bit dense asking but is the artwork real in the sense of being tactile objects? Or is it digital? Is this the result of 3d printing?

    Either way, the simplicity and yet the tiny details of his work beckon and draw me in…

  3. Hermoso trabajo. Me gusta mucho la simplicidad del mismo y las mil historias que me imagino en esas mini islas. Veo que están hechas de manera digital pero parecen tan reales!
    Lu recently posted..behind the scenes – SD train stationMy Profile

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