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Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Blog, Children | 12 comments

Call for Young Artists to Showcase their Work on Art is a Way.

Call for Young Artists to Showcase their Work on Art is a Way.


DEADLINE:  February 28 of 2013


1. If your child, student, friend… (18 or younger) created or wants to create something special, I would love to showcase it on Art is a Way.


2. It could be: drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, writing, music…


3. Send pictures of the work, or the link to a video to my e-mail: There is no limitation in the number of entries.


4. PRIZE:  a handmade miniature accordion book (see it below) with birds and 8 quotes about freedom. I will specially personalize the white sleeve of this book with the winner’s name.


5. The deadline for your entry is: February 28 of 2013. I will announce the winner in April of 2013.


Miniature book with birds small


Here I’m going to show you an example of what an entry could be:

This is something that Natalie wrote and illustrated last year.




Notice how the story is unfinished. This is because before anything concrete  happened, she had already thought of a different story.  I love seeing a future author and illustrator in her most raw state. These are the best years in an artist’s life. I want Art is a Way to celebrate that initial  innocent stage of creativity.

Looking forward to seeing your wonderful entry!






    • Thanks a lot Marianne! She’s amazing in my opinion too :)

  1. Hello, Elsita!
    I was so excited when I saw this on LinkedIn! I would love to send you something of my daughter (Addie, who is 8), who loves to draw & wants to be an artist when she grows up. She is ALMOST as darling as Natalie!

    • Yay Lee!
      I would LOVE to you to send me something by Addie. Natalie would also be thrilled, she is going to help me choose the winner.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! Would love to participate…..but need to ask permission from my girls first! =)
    I love art work and writing by children – it is refreshing and honest. I hope we will get to see a sampling of what you get. Thank you Elsa for a brilliant idea!

    • Wonderful Lucy!
      I’m crossing my fingers hoping that your girls say yes :)

  3. Thank Natalie for sharing her story and drawings. She was very descriptive in her writing, I especially loved the “magnafind” glass. It brought a smile to my day. I have always loved how innocent and fearless kids are.
    Thanks Again!

  4. This is from my son Dani (9 years old):
    Natalie, your story is great. It has so much character.Would you finish it? I would love to know how the story ends. I really like all the details in your story. The characters are funny! Were you inspired by the dog in Tin Tin?


    • OMG!
      Thanks a lot Dani,
      Natalie is sleeping now but she will love your comment. I will show it to her tomorrow. She’s 9 just like you, turning 10 in May.
      Natalie’s Mom :)

  5. I’m with Dani ~ would Natalie finish this story? I would love to know how it ends also.
    Marianne Wille recently posted..Tuxedo KittyMy Profile

    • Marianne, Natalie said that: “she will try to re-visit her story and see if she can take it somewhere interesting.”
      I hope that she does it :)
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Guess Who was Here? George Mora!My Profile

  6. I know we are past your deadline but we are sponsoring our annual Living Wisdom Art Show that is this next weekend? Each teacher has taken one artist and taught inspiration to the children through their inspiration. The name of the show is: The world of a child’s imagination. Can I send you some photos? To feature????
    chandih recently posted..March flowers so soft and fragileMy Profile

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