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Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Adults, Artists, Blog, Illustration | 2 comments

Kaye Blegvad’s Illustrations.

Kaye Blegvad’s Illustrations.


I blogged about Kaye Blegvad’s ceramics before. But today I am excited to share this series of illustrations with you. Don’t you like the use of paint and paper here? To see more of Kaye’s work you can visit her Flickr portfolio, Website, Blog, Shop 1, and Shop 2.

Photography © Kaye Blegvad  ↓

10616151614 0845080546 o Kaye Blegvads Illustrations.

10616401203 32c053619e h Kaye Blegvads Illustrations.

1 Kaye Blegvads Illustrations.

10616458283 5048ee1173 o Kaye Blegvads Illustrations.

10616458553 78b4b6a4aa h Kaye Blegvads Illustrations.


  1. Yes!

    esp. the last one.

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