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Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Blog, Illustration, Inspiration & Thoughts, Thoughts | 9 comments

How are you getting along with your brain?

How are you getting along with your brain?

Brain betrayal  copy

↑Colored pencil drawing by me

The most tricky relationship ever is the one that we have with our own brain.  We have carried it around since we can remember,  we think that we know it well, but knowing your brain completely is nearly impossible. We read books about the brain, we hear about advanced experiments done with all kinds of brains to measure IQ, electric response to simuli…and even to figure out when it is lying. But that complicated organ is always ahead  of everything, including science. I read that some people’s brains have found ways to trick lying detector machines.

The brain has a life of its own.  Mine likes to jump out of  my head and walk away once in a while, as if I didn’t exist. Then I have to convince it to come back and be my friend again. But that’s what life is all about. No matter how complicated it is sometimes, we should never stop doing our best to get along with that tricky thing that lives inside our head, because nobody else can do it for us.

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  1. Elsita, I agree, this is really tricky. My kind of ”joke” is that sometimes before going to bed I wish I could put my head on the night table next to my bed. And your illustration is just so perfect – I really have felt that way 🙂

  2. Exactly. Exactly me last night. In fact this picture gives me an idea. Perhaps I will name my brain and then we can work out a contract with pay, benefits and vacation leave. It has to tell me before hand though!

    Amen Elsita!

  3. I totally relate to this too! There are times when I need to switch out of my creative mode in order to take care of every day stuff and I literally feel my brain throwing a temper tantrum because it just wants to play. Or, I am trying to focus on getting one project done and the more I try to focus on it the more random ideas pop in my head trying to throw me off course. 🙂

    • We’re all familiar with that, Krista. This morning I took my brain for a walk at a nice part nearby. It was perfect. The brain needs lots of care, just like a child. If you ignore it, it throws a tantrum until you pay attention.
      Elsa Mora recently posted..How are you getting along with your brain?My Profile

  4. Oh my brain and I have had quite a time of it lately…

    • Sorry – I didn’t finish my comment and I quess hit the wrong button… I was saying, my brain and I have been struggling lately due to a concussion I received over a year ago. I was fighting to have the same brain (pre concussion brain) back, and my brain is now letting me know that that is not going to happen and to accept and learn how to use the brain I now have …. fortunately my brain still loves to create!

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