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Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Blog, Inspiration & Thoughts, Videos | 14 comments

How Creativity is Affected by Time.

How Creativity is Affected by Time.


Today I want to share this simple and charming video with you. It is about how creativity is affected by time.

In order for anything to evolve a key element is needed: time. If we want to get the best out of our imagination then we need to go through a process of exploration. The more time we spend exploring, the more likely we are to find surprises in the treasure chest that is the mind. This process starts on the surface and keeps going deeper and deeper as we find interesting clues. One clue will take us to the next until we arrive at the doorstep of that special idea that we can feel proud of.

One of the hardest things for creative people is to work under the pressure of time; for instance, when you’re doing commissioned work. There is the myth that working under pressure is good. But I think that it is as good as driving your car as fast as possible when you’re late for an appointment.

Imagination has its own pace in the same way that nature has its own pace. After all, we are part of nature. So instead of forcing our imagination to produce results under pressure, let’s force ourselves to slow down and enjoy the creative process. The best things are born when we genuinely experience the state of flow that comes from being connected to ourselves. What is the point of doing mediocre or even good work under pressure? I believe that in the long run, it is better to do slower but excellent work.



  1. I love your new website!! What a nice way to start the day, I love being a part of your community!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful and very fun video! It’s encouraging to know that other people find more success in reaching excellence when they take their time: I certainly do. It’s important to remember that the first idea you have isn’t necessarily going to the best.
    Again, thanks for telling us all how important it is to Play!
    PamV recently posted..Happy Boxing Day!My Profile

    • Hi Pam! Wasn’t that video great? I hope that you’re having a positive 2013 so far. Sending my love to you and your husband!
      Elsita πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely video! I agree with you, but I must say that sometimes I need to work with a commission. Sometimes I am…lazy, I would like to create something beautiful but I get lost in too many projects. It is so difficult to work as a freelance artist. When you have not commissions, you should be happy to work to a personal prject, but it is not so easy to have the constance to work every day with the same enthusiasm and excitement you had at the beginning of your project! :/
    Gaia Marfurt recently posted..Northanger Abbey: tavola 32…My Profile

    • Gaia, try my little trick: commission yourself. Write a proposal for a project (a small, realistic one is a great beginning) give yourself a deadline, write down an action plan and stick to it. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of organization and clarity about what we want to do. The mind is a funny thing if you let it wander around without a concrete plan πŸ™‚

  4. I just love this video, I want to wrap up those kids and put them in my brain and heart, they are perfect reminders for staying loose and open to possibility. Now I just need to figure out some good assignments to give myself, I probably wont have to think toot long on that :).
    Karin recently posted..kindred spirits par quatreMy Profile

    • Hi Karin! Isn’t that video great? Kids, as always, are the best artists πŸ™‚

      • I couldn’t agree more!! I worked in an elementary school art room for 2 years and the kids were such an amazing source of inspiration. They were not hindered by “doing it the right way” – they just created with incredible amounts of imagination and a healthy amount of abandon. Thank you for posting this video! I have sent it to my favorite art teacher…=)

        • Yes Lucy, kids are the best πŸ™‚ I learn a lot from the 2 that I have at home. When it comes to creativity, their only rule is: no rule πŸ™‚

    • You’re so welcome, Margaret πŸ™‚

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