The other day Natalie went to school carrying the paper bag that you see in the picture. She filled her bag with small pieces of paper containing quotations about happiness and happy faces. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said: I am just going to give these  to anybody who wants them.

papers 960

So she went to school with her happy bag and a big smile on her face. As always, I was impressed by Natalie’s thoughtfulness and self-confidence.

At her return from school I asked about the happiness bag project and she said: It was fun, some kids wanted more than one paper, but other kids didn’t get it and kept asking why I was doing that. I told her not to worry because not everyone understands everything that we do. She said: I know 🙂

Then a happy  surprise came out a few days later.  Natalie received the letter above. It was given to her by two students from a higher grade than Natalie. They not only got Natalie’s idea right, but they were also able to look beyond the bag and see Natalie and her uniqueness. I was blown away by this letter, even now as I write this I have a couple of tears in my eyes. (I covered the girl’s second name for privacy)

super 960


natalie amazing 960
thank you letter to Natalie 2013 960


Natalie is one of my biggest inspirations. Something that I admire about her is that she doesn’t keep her ideas in her head. Natalie takes action, she’s always thinking about how to make of the world a better place and she does concrete things to make it happen. Her Free Happiness Bag project is a great example. Her idea was simple and easy to materialize. But that’s the nature of happiness, all it takes is a small action to manifest. Don’t you agree?

I hope that this post makes you happy 🙂


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