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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Blog, Children | 4 comments

Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah’s Art Club.

Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah’s Art Club.


I recently discovered It is an inspiring blog about creative  projects for kindergarten and beyond, run by Hannah. She is  a talented  former art gallery and museum curator from the UK who currently works as an art teacher in Vienna, Austria. Hannah’s students are preschool children aged between three and six.




On her blog, Hannah wrote: “I am always amazed and inspired by the children’s creations and I feel that they deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.”

I agree with Hannah, that is why today I’m sharing her  half self-portraits project. You can read about the original idea behind this project here.



There is something so powerful and touching about these half self-portraits. I see each one as an invitation to re-enter that fantastic universe that we used to be part of when we were little.




I found this definition of  half  by the free dictionary : “One of two equal parts that together constitute a whole.”

What a perfect definition for these half self-portraits! The left side is reality while the right one represents imagination and creativity. Don’t you think that reality and imagination should form a whole? I believe that reality alone doesn’t mean much without the power of imagination and human creativity.




Now imagine a large mural with hundreds of these half self-portraits by children from all over the world. I also see a beautiful book featuring the artworks. Maybe Hannah should start a half self-portrait movement with art teachers from different countries to celebrate creativity. I would be happy to promote the movement from this blog :)



To follow *

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Have a wonderful day!


(Thanks a lot, Hannah, for allowing me to share your beautiful project on Art is a Way)




  1. Oh, Elsita, these are wonderful! How I love children’s artwork. These half portraits are wonderful. I love your idea to make a mural or book from them and to have more children and art teachers create them. I’ll go check out Hannah’s art club blog.

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely review, Elsa, and for sharing my blog with your readers! I have been getting plenty of extra traffic this week, and I’m delighted to be able to share my favourite art project with so many people. I love your idea to try and start a half self-portrait movement with art teachers around the world. Definitely food for thought…
    Thank you also for inspiring me to have a go at your “Art is a Way Project” with my kids. I think they would love it. I will post the results…
    Best wishes,

    • Thank YOU, Hannah! I felt so lucky the day when I found your blog. You should definitely think about expanding the half portrait project. It has lots of potential for a large show at a museums or art centers in different parts of the world. And I would LOVE to see what your children do with the word ART. They’re so lucky to have an art teacher like you. I will keep following your blog.
      Sending a hug!
      Elsita :)
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Scanning 3-D Objects. My Favorite Scanner.My Profile

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