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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Blog, Inspiration & Thoughts, Thoughts | 14 comments

Be a Hunter.

Be a Hunter.


© Elsa Mora. Ink on paper.

 Creativity happens by association, by connecting dots. The more dots we gather the more connections we can make so the more material for expression we have at hand.


tree collection


One way to gather dots is by becoming a visual hunter through photography. Armed with any kind of camera you can take visual notes of your surroundings and use them as windows for later explorations. There is always something interesting to discover wherever you are. For instance, now, look around and try to see something interesting. It could be anything.


light collection


Keeping an alert eye on our surroundings could be a stimulating experience. The arsenal of visual clues around us is infinite and  available to all, always. If you think that this is impossible, just look, with intention, and interesting things will start appearing  before your eyes. Becoming a skilled visual hunter takes time, but if you keep practicing, it will eventually become second nature.


building collection


But the best part is that by training your eye to see more, you’re also training your brain to stay sharper. And a sharp brain is good for your creativity as well as for your health.


I took the photos above with  the camera that comes with my iPad. Then I edited them using an app called Snapseed  and I made the collages with another app called  FrameMagic. These two apps are my favorite because they are easy to use.



  1. I’m an avid dot collector…how beautifully put. My problem is that I get too caught up in the collection of the dots and forget about actually connecting the dots! I need to work on that.
    Sherri B. recently posted..Focus…and Happy New Year!My Profile

    • Absolutely Sherri! The most important part of collecting dots is connecting them 🙂 Maybe this year could be your Connecting-Dots-Year. Hurray for a year full of dots and connections!!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  2. I’m happy to hear someone else talk about this. I’ve used these precise words! The connecting of dots (seen & unseen) is a full time occupation of mine. 🙂

    Louis Pasteur said that fortune favors the prepared mind… The more connections we gather in our travels, the greater the arsenal at our disposal. Like collecting “meanings” in a tool belt.
    Ana, Weird Amiga recently posted..2012 at the Weird Caravan.My Profile

    • Hi Ana! I love what Louis Pasteur said: “fortune favors the prepared mind”. I think that within every creative person there is a collector. The creative brain is always sorting and grouping visual clues and ideas (“dots”). Then when it’s time to create, all these clues interact with each other until some sort of chemical reaction happens and BOOM! That’s how art is born. This sounds like a theory explained by my son Diego, but that’s how I see it 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  3. My dots are usually scrawled ideas and notes that will somehow impact my writing. Sometimes when I’m out and about I make notes on my phone. But this reminds me that I can take photos, too–then I’ll have visual imagery to actually describe when I return to my office. I connect the dots through keeping an ongoing idea journal of thoughts, ideas, found items, images and anything that catches my fancy.
    Chardixon recently posted..Essential Conditions for Writing SuccessMy Profile

  4. Definitely Chardixon, you should also take pictures with you phone. I was recently suggesting this to a friend of mine who is a wonderful writer. She is thoughtful and extremely visual in her writing so I recommended that she starts using her ipad to take “visual notes” wherever she is, and then sort them out by themes.
    I believe that you could discover a whole new way to feed your mind by using images. The interesting thing is that you will start finding patterns regarding what calls your attention. And that is a great way to learn more about yourself and about what your brain wants you to take care of in your writing.
    Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  5. My first ceramic teacher, Julia Galloway, gave me the advice to “start with a dot” when I shared with her my anxiety around decoration. What a brilliant place to begin! Endless. Possibility.
    Susan Wells recently posted..WINTER FIREMy Profile

    • Susan, your teacher Julia Galloway gave you a great advice. If we think about it we will realize that everything starts with a dot. My children started up being microscopic dots 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  6. I feel like I have been a visual hunter since I was a child. I’m happy now that there is so much technology to gather all the dots together, and look at all that you have hunted at a glance! Both my daughters are like me, and we have the best time gathering all those dots, and using them for our art.
    Pinterest has really helped me to see what I am drawn too, and my own photos gives me a sense of what my style is. Lots of fun I think. This is a nice post 🙂

    • Yes Elizabeth! I think that what makes Pinterest popular is that it helps us gather visual dots quickly. This has a strong stimulating effect on the brain, so much that it could even become addictive. You can make collections and have quick access to them. Pinterest is like a representation of how the brain works. Just that it is a lot more organized. I see it as a great tool when used smartly. Another tool that I enjoy is Instagram.
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Be a Hunter.My Profile

  7. Great advice Elsa. That’s why I started last year a 365-picture project, just to train myself to absorb my surroundings with more intent!

  8. I love the new space – feels so different and yet so familiar. And today’s post about ‘being a hunter’ – how neat to turn a phrase with ‘negative’ connotations to an extremely positive one. Sometime I forget – being out in the world and having new experiences are so important for an artist.

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