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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Art is Way Project, Blog, Inspiration & Thoughts, Thoughts | 13 comments

Art is a Way

Art is a Way


We tend to see everything in dark colors when bad things happen. That is OK, it’s human to lose faith in humanity sometimes. But is it also part of human nature to be compassionate, to connect with each other and to do the best we can to make of the world a better place. That’s the side that I try to stay on in my life.

susan and jolene 960

Today I want to share this picture with you, because it makes me happy. The story of it is simple but it talks about the beautiful side of humans.

Not too long ago I wrote this post about my cuban friend’s street exhibition in NYC. My blog friend Susan Wells wrote a comment saying that she was going to be in NYC with her daughter Jolene and that she was looking forward to seeing the sculptures in person. I asked her to take a picture with her daughter next to one of the sculptures holding a sign that said: Art is a Way. It was a fun idea in my head, but I honestly didn’t think that she was going to have time or mental space to do it.

art 2

I was wrong! Susan did take a picture with her daughter holding the Art is a Way sign! When she sent the photo to me I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt so happy and moved. Susan and I have never met in person but I feel as if I have  known her for years. We have connected with each other through that sixth sense that connect creative people.

So this post is about that, it is about the power of art and about the power of human connection. Art is a Way is a speck in the universe, but from this blog I want to do what’s in my power to bring  some positivism to you. I have felt sad since the tragedy on Monday, but that is only one of many terrible things happening in the whole world right now. I don’t know if those terrible things are ever going to stop. The only thing that I am sure about is that I can do things, even if they’re small, to make of a tiny part of the world a better place. I am here because I want to stay connected with you and I am here because I want to encourage you to use all your creative powers to make yourself and other people happy.

The only way to balance all the bad things happening in the world is to create good things and to keep beauty and human connection alive.



  1. Thank you for the wonderful post,Elsa. I sometimes wonder what I am contributing to humanity with my artwork and then someone will come into my studio and tell me how happy it makes them feel. And that makes me happy, too! So my “brand” is happiness! 🙂

  2. Great post, lovely story of connection. I agree that we can feel sadness for world events but we must also remain positive and build community. Thanks for all your posts that have introduced me to so many interesting artists.
    Catharine recently posted..Flower ChildMy Profile

  3. what a great picture. And what a surprise to see the little rabbit-of-excitement smiley on their sign. I thought I’d invented that, when I first drew it several months back, spontaneously! I even drew the word ART entirely out of rabbits, and meant to send you a picture of it. It’s on my camera.

    This was the sculpture I’d have chosen to stand with, as well. 🙂

    • Alison, I would LOVE to see your word ART made out of rabbits!!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..Art is a WayMy Profile

  4. Weeeeeee! What fun to stop by and see this! Jolene is going to be so tickled! My computer crashed last week so I have been bumbling along to keep up with the posts I normally read. And today! I get to yours and who do I see? Me!??

    Thank you, in this sad moment, for connecting the dots of humanity in your peaceful joyful ways. It is so fun to know you:)

    There are two old pieces of music about artists that I do not like. One is the Starving Artist and the other is the Irresponsible Artist. Diligently living my word is so important which is why I told you in the first place we would go! I knew if I told you, that I would do it! Occasionally the Flakey Artist takes over but usually something fantastic happens out of that too! And who need starve when there is so much nourishment all around. To share!!

    I am so happy to be on this train of invigorating Art as a Way with you! With Art we can imagine and create love and care and connection and peaceful moments with a flower.
    Susan Wells recently posted..Breakfast & Fruit SkeletonsMy Profile

  5. Amen, Susan!
    I ALWAYS love reading your words. You have a special way to say things. Lots of love and thanks a million again for your thoughtful gesture. It means a lot to me 🙂
    Elsa Mora recently posted..Art is a WayMy Profile

    • You’re welcome:)

  6. Elsa, just so you know, you are doing your share of making people happier with your art. I am amazed at all your creative work, from small drawings to complicated cut-outs and I am amazed to see how you manage to do all that AND to be a great parent and human being all at once. I don’t know how you do it but it is not lost on us, your readers, even if we do not often comment. So there. I hope one day we can meet and talk about art but I can’t imagine there is one minute left in your day!!!!

    • yes you are, Elsa. you’re an inspiration. I’m going to try to get that rabbity ART picture to you–I’ve kind of forgotten how to get the pics from the camera onto the computer!

  7. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” — Mister Rogers

    • ah thanks for that. just love him. what a divine and low-key human being

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