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Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Adults, Artists, Blog, News | 31 comments

American Craft Magazine.

American Craft Magazine.


Dear friend,

What an honor to be featured in American Craft magazine! Today I want to share 3 tiny happy stories that happened to me because of this feature:

1. I went to our local art store to get a couple of copies of the magazine but I didn’t see any on display. So I asked the manager (who is a super nice man) if they had any copies of it. He said: I just got a box, I think that it is the magazine. We went to the back of the store, he opened the box and there it was! As soon as he saw the cover he said, Wait! That’s you!!! It was such a spontaneous and happy reaction! He called someone else from the store to share the excitement. My face must have been as red as the lipstick in the photo. But my heart was happy to see him happy  🙂

Elsa Mora on the cover of American Craft Magazine

2. The second special thing that happened was that my children’s Dentist put a copy of the magazine on display at his office. He drew a little arrow on the right side of the portrait pointing at my face that said: ‘← this is the Mom of 2 of my patients’. That was so sweet! He is literally the nicest Dentist that I have ever met. Not only because he appreciates art, but because he is an artist at dealing with children such as my son Diego who doesn’t enjoy wearing braces.

Paper necklace by Elsa Mora

↑ I made this necklace out of paper.

3. The third story is that my Mom took a copy of the magazine to her group therapy in Miami, Florida. She loves going to these sessions to share experiences with other people her age who suffer from different mental conditions (my Mom has Bipolar Disorder). She was extremely proud to show everyone how her daughter was in a magazine. One of the gentlemen patients who likes my Mom a lot, said: Hey Margot, I thought that it was you on the cover! My Mom is 70 years old. She clarified that the gentleman didn’t mean to say that I looked like 70 on the cover, but that my Mom looked my age ( 42 ). That made my Mom’s day and mine too.

Isabel Allende and her Mom

One of the things that I love about this issue of American Craft is the article about Isabel Allende. Did you know that besides being a successful writer, she also paints, sews, knits and makes her own jewelry?  Yay! The photo above with Isabel, her Mom and Dulce, the doggy, is so special. I was lucky to meet Isabel Allende and her husband for lunch in 2003. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend from San Francisco. (Thanks, Tam!). Isabel is one of the most down to Earth and inspiring writers that I have ever met. Her husband is a great person as well, I still remember his wonderful sense of humor 🙂

Below is a book cover that I designed for Isabel Allende’s book Eva Luna. It was a special edition by Penguin Essentials.

Eva Luna by Isabel Allende. Cover by Elsa Mora

I cannot end this post without saying THANK YOU so very much to everyone who works for American Craft magazine. The amount of love and energy that goes into the making of this magazine is highly appreciated. THANK YOU Douglas Kirkland and Francoise Kirkland for the portrait. THANK YOU Diana B. for the natural-looking makeup. Also, I want to dedicate this Oscar to my husband… Just kidding!

But before I go for real, I want to say hi to all the wonderful artists featured in the magazine. My favorite part of all was reading about you.

Happy Wednesday!


PS. Here you can read the full article about truly yours, written by Joyce Lovelace. Thanks, Joyce! For the wonderful time that we spent talking in my studio.


PS #2 To the ladies that have asked about the top that I’m wearing on the cover. It is a gift from my husband. He found it at The J. Peterman Company a few years ago.




  1. Congratulations, Elsita!
    Great portrait! What a happy coincidence to be in an issue with Isabel Allende!
    Wanda Torres recently posted..Go Bananas!My Profile

    • Great, Ingrid! You will like this issue of the magazine. There are great articles in it. It is dedicated to jewelry but there are other things no-jewelry related as well.
      Elsa Mora recently posted..American Craft Magazine. My Profile

  2. Oh what a gorgeous cover! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine. Congratulations!!!
    Charlotte recently posted..How to ProcrastinateMy Profile

    • Thanks, Charlotte! You will also see a picture of my children in the magazine, they were so proud to be in the feature! 🙂
      Elsa Mora recently posted..American Craft Magazine. My Profile

  3. Congratulations, Elsita! And so great and touching stories comes with it 😉 Those kind of little things makes us happy.

  4. Hi Elsita,
    What a wonderful article! Thanks for sharing the link. Loved the photos, the cover (of course) and especially the one of Natalie and Diego.

  5. Wow. So much beauty and goodness in one post! I want to dive into the cover of Isabel’s book with a tea tray for the lady and her bird friend.
    Susan Wells recently posted..Mother Mary Contemplative CupMy Profile

  6. Oh my…what a gorgeous photo of you, and congratulations!!! What an honor, but I am not surprised based on your incredible talent.
    Sherri B. recently posted..I Am Not IMy Profile

  7. That is very exciting. You are not just “in” the magazine, you are “one the cover”!! That really is a big deal. 🙂 And a worthy honor as you are not only so talented but a dreamer and a big-hearted person who shares so much with all of us. Thanks for always being so open and inspiring. It is a wonderful gift. Now, many new people will find inspiration through this magazine.

  8. Beautiful! So happy for you, Elsa!! I have been trying to find a store that carries the magazine with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  9. FELICITACIONES!! Hay alguna versión en Español para la Argentina que es donde vivo? SIEMPRE que veo cada uno de tus trabajo, tengo la sensación que eres un PERSONAJE escapada de lo REAL MARAVILLOSO de tus creaciones

  10. Congratulations! I will try to get a copy in Miami! Kudos to you simper!

  11. I saw your issue of American Craft in our library! Congratulations!! You deserve it! 🙂

  12. Congrats on the cover!!
    I really liked the 3 little stories. 🙂

  13. Congratulations on the feature and the cover! That’s so exciting. I know your mother must have been bursting with pride, but I also love that so many others are sharing in the joy with you as well.

    I love your necklace and the book cover you designed too. I will look out for the magazine the next time I’m at the craft store! 🙂
    Mary recently posted..Today’s FindsMy Profile

  14. Dear Talented, Wonderful Elsa, Congratulations! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us all! xxxo

  15. Congratulations, Elsita! You deserve every success, especially this one. Thanks for sharing your happy stories with us. xxx
    Char recently posted..GwenMy Profile

  16. How lovely Elsa! Congratulations so very much. So well deserved and such great photos of you and your kids and your work. I loved the stories as well – they made me smile.

  17. Congratulations, Elsita!

  18. We are the same age! I love your makeup too! Do you know what was used? I don’t wear a lot but have been struggling to find something that makes me still glow ;o). Can’t wait to read it! Congrats to you!!!

  19. I am a subscriber and member so was so thrilled to get this latest issue and see you on the cover! Congratulations and I must say a well deserved honor. You are prolific, talented and completely wonderful at the same time.

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