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  1. Love the drawings and also the Ted Talk!

  2. Wow!!! How inspiring! I wish I had her courage…
    Didn’t know her at all, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Wanda! I discovered A.P. recently as well. And I fell in love with the way she is.
      Elsa Mora recently posted..TreesMy Profile

  3. Great talk Elsa. Thanks for posting. i love the drawings. Thanks for trusting me to meet me last year. I want to come and take you to lunch!!

  4. I also was inspired by her Ted talk, especially about making connections with strangers through her work: often immediate physical and emotional connections, and how she feels stronger by trusting people (strangers too) completely. I was so moved when she said, “Thank you. I see you,” while handing her benefactor a flower (during her living statue days), and it was as if the person said back to her “Thank you. No one ever sees me.”

    I also was moved when she said that often artists don’t want to ask for help because that makes one vulnerable, and maybe artists tend to feel vulnerable or fragile anyway. There have certainly been other women artists before her communicating a similar message, but because she is so articulate and able to reach such a wide audience through her Ted talk, I think the potential impact of her work knows no bounds.
    Mary recently posted..Dining RoomMy Profile

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