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Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Blog, Children | 35 comments

A “True” Story by Diego Horberg

A “True” Story by Diego Horberg



Sometimes it is hard for Autistic kids to go to the movie theater. The loud sound is almost impossible for them to tolerate. But we bought Diego a pair of super duper headphones a few years ago, so he can finally enjoy movies on the big screen. There is nothing that Diego enjoys more than movies. Sometimes he loves them so much that it becomes overwhelming. Diego had been anticipating  The Croods for a long time. He knew the name of the director, the cast… he watched the trailer hundreds of times, but when we got to the theater to finally see the movie, he backed up. His heart was about to jump out of his chest, he couldn’t deal with the excitement.  So I went into the theater with our daughter Natalie to watch the movie, while Diego and his Dad stayed outside. They went for a walk to kill time. A half hour before the movie was finished, Diego and his Dad came back to the lobby of the theater to wait for my daughter and I. And that’s when the magic happened.

Diego started telling an old lady that was waiting as well, a story that according to him, was all true. Bill said that the lady was very nice, she followed Diego’s story with great attention and interest. When Natalie and I came out from the movie he was telling the last details of the story to the lady, then we all left. Once we got home, I asked Diego to tell Natalie and I the story, which included him missing his left arm. Natalie had no idea that his brother had lost his left arm once. Today I want to share Diego’s story with you through some simple drawings that I did and almost the exact same language that Diego used.  I hope that you enjoy it!! If you want to leave any comments or questions for Diego, please do it. He will read them all. Enjoy!


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Diego's portrait



  1. Dear Diego,
    It made me so happy to read your story, especially the ending. I think it’s wonderful that you had faith that something good would come of losing your left arm. Not only weren’t you afraid, but it grew back! And then you taught the people how not to be afraid but FIX the problem. It makes me so happy to know that you, too, know that dinosaurs aren’t bad, just hungry.
    Thank you for a beautiful story with a happy ending.

    • Dear Lorraine,
      Diego LOVED your comment. I read it to him before Bill took him to school a few minutes ago. Diego’s stories always have a happy ending and I love that.
      Hugs and love!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..A “True” Story by Diego HorbergMy Profile

  2. Elsita, que historia tan interesante, me he reido mucho imaginando todo, y los dibujos muy buenos jajajaja, gracias a Diego ya se que hacer ante un ataque de Dinosaurios!!!!! Sabes? a mi tambien me molesta el ruido del cine, creo qeu la proxima vez llevare unos audifonos, muy buena idea tambien :)Los quiero, un abrazo y a Diego gracias por su historia, AMAZING!!!!!
    Magaly Puerta recently posted..Mi little friendMy Profile

  3. Diego that’s a very cool story, it was pretty scary seeing the dinosaur eat your arm but so fantastic that the doctor fixed everything! and it’s so nice to see that the dinosaurs are just hungry, if we give them lots of food they will be our friends 🙂
    thank you for sharing your story with us,
    Aleka recently posted..ProgressMy Profile

  4. Hi, Diego! I loved reading your story. You know, you may have lost your arm, but it sounds like you kept your head! I hope to read more of these amazing non-fiction stories by you some day. Thanks for sharing this one!

    • Hola Maiz! I can’t wait for him to create new stories as well! His imagination is going wild lately, wild in the best sense of the world. Love all!
      Elsa Mora recently posted..A “True” Story by Diego HorbergMy Profile

  5. Dear Diego,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and creatively informing us about the misconception of dinosaurs! I was wondering, do the dinosaurs have a favorite food? I would like to make sure I have the very best food in stock at my house just in case I encounter a hungry dinosaur! Thanks again! 🙂

    • Hi Krista! I was also grateful to find out that dinosaurs are not bad after all. Diego has a talent for understanding animals. I coincidently asked him your same question and he said that the only food that dinosaurs don’t like is peanut, they’re allergic to peanut butter. Just like someone he knows at school 😉
      Elsa Mora recently posted..A “True” Story by Diego HorbergMy Profile

  6. Dear Diego,
    That’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read! I think you’re right that dinosaurs must be VERY hungry after so long.
    Please write more stories and help your mom illustrate them. I’d like to see some of your drawings, too.


  7. Dear Diego,

    Have you always liked dinosaurs? Ever since our son was about four years old, he wanted to study dinosaurs. He is now in a university studying paleobiology, the study of ancient life. I have learned from him that birds used to be dinosaurs millions of years ago! So, when you are in a park and see some birds, think of what they might have looked like as dinosaurs! Please keep writing. I love your stories!

  8. Hi Diego!
    I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your story! I loved it so much I read it to my little boy, Lucas, and he loved it, too. We are happy to know that some good food and a nice nap are really all it takes to satisfy ferocious dinosaurs. Thank you for letting us know. You are very gifted at telling stories. Lucas and I can’t wait until you tell us another!

  9. Diego, thank you for your story 🙂 It makes me feel I can maybe be brave the next time I meet a hungry dinosaur.

  10. Hello, Diego. I’m so relieved that your arm grew back! I was afraid that you’d have to learn how to live with only one arm, which sounds very challenging. I’m also glad that you figured out how to stop the dinosaurs from eating all those buildings! I’m sure that most living things would much rather eat food than buildings as well (except for termites, that is). I know that I personally would rather eat some yummy food than eat a bunch of buildings. In fact, I think I’ll go eat something right now! I’m glad the dinosaurs are back in Cuba, I’d hate for one to try to take my food.

  11. Diego my almost 3 year old son & I read your story & he loved the dinosaurs! Have you ever considered writing children’s books? You have an amazing imagination! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.
    artfulife recently posted..Monogramed Wedding QuiltMy Profile

  12. Dear Diego and Elsa, Great collaboration! When it got to the arm-eating part, I was so relieved it was bloodless. Don’t a lot of dinosaur stories have blood in them these days? What is a dinosaur’s favourite flavour jello? Do dinosaurs ever feel hot or cold? What would be the best type of food to share with a dinosaur? What is a dinosaur’s most comfortable sleeping position? You are good at researching, Diego, so I thought you might know. Thanks for the story!

  13. diego…what an AMAZING story! it makes sense, now that you mention it, that the dinosaurs are hungry because they haven’t eaten in so long! i never thought of that. the interesting thing is, you’re like a lizard! lizards can re-grow their tails if they lose them…just like you re-grew your arm. super happy to know you’re back in one piece now. phew! 🙂

  14. What a great story, and how well illustrated. You guys make a pretty good team. Would love to read and see more!

  15. Diego’s story is probably better than the Croods movie. I think you should look for a publisher.

  16. What a fabulous story! I loved it!!!!

  17. Dear Diego & Elsa, What a great creation you have made together! Trust you to know the dinosaurs were only hungry. This will be a treasure to look back at when you are older.
    Catharine recently posted..Urban ChicksMy Profile

  18. Hi Diego,
    I live in Australia, and I simply love to read your mum’s blog. Your mum is such an amazing and loving person and a wonderful artist. I love the music from Cuba especially the Buena Vista social club.
    I loved reading your story very much and I am going to read it to my grandson who is 4 years old and loves dinosaurs. Your story kept me sitting on the edge of my seat as I really wanted to find out how it ended. Please, write more stories as I think you have a lovely flair for telling stories. So happy that your arm is back and good again.

  19. Diego – That was an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it. I loved all of the details, and how your Mom added them to the beautiful and exciting drawings. I also liked how you helped people understand that sometimes things are not what they seem. Your story also taught me that when an animal is acting a certain way that might seem bad at first, it helps to ask WHY? This is a true message of understanding and compassion! I hope you write more stories!

  20. Hi Diego!

    I loved your story very very much. I was wondering if you think you could make this story in to a movie one day? Perhaps you could use some dolls and miniature t-rexes and try and make some stop motion! I would love to see that, a Diego Horberg production!

  21. Love it! Beautiful story, beautifully illustrated. Diego is one smart little guy!

  22. what a great story – i just read this. Diego – you are an amazing problem-solver, calm and thinking about the next steps. I kept wanting to turn the pages – the excitement of the story starts from the very beginning and stays till the end. Thanks so MUCH!

  23. I read this story to my 3 year old son on a recent road trip, and he loved it! He asks to read it every day now, and I think we’re close to knowing it by heart! It has even inspired a few of his own stories.

    Thank you, Diego! And thank you for illustrating it!

  24. Such a wonderful story. I love how calm Diego is in the face of all this chaos; he knew exactly what to do to take care of each crisis! My favorite sentence: “There are dinosaurs at that park and they are going bananas!”

  25. Hi Diego,

    You are truly gifted with such a great mind! I cannot describe how much I love hearing your thoughts and words from your mom. It makes me smile every time. And it’s just not any smile it comes with the warmest feelings of all the feelings I have felt before. Stay as you are. You have a very loving special mother who I’m sure will nurture you to grow into someone you truly are. 🙂
    Please keep writing more would love to hear all your stories


  26. Super Diego!!! <3


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