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Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Blog, Inspiration & Thoughts, Thoughts | 49 comments

41 Life Lessons

41 Life Lessons

Today I’m turning 41 years old so I decided to list 41 of the main lessons that life has taught me so far:

1. Forgiving those who hurt you is the first step to personal growth.

2. Make a conscious effort to remember your past. Many of the clues that help us solve current problems are found in the past.

3. Be excited about the future. Anything can be better in the future if we star building it today.

4. If you want to enjoy the beauty of life be present in everything you do.

5. Don’t judge others. Just observe, listen and learn from them. Every single person on Earth has something to teach you.

6. Real wealth has nothing to do with money.

7. Do good things for other people. By doing so you’re planting little seeds of love. Those seeds will feed your soul when you most need it.

8. Be gentle and patient with yourself, everyday.

9. Be brave enough to apologize when you do something wrong.

10. The greatest lessons are learned from whatever hurt you.

11. Smile and life will smile back to you. A smile is understood in every culture and in every languaje.

12. Spend time in solitude often. It will give you space for listening, feeling and seeing more than when you’re surrounded by people.

13. Enjoy human presence. Human energy is the strongest of all energies.

14. We need to learn more from animals. They live simpler and happier lives. They deserve our respect.

15. Suffering comes from wanting and expecting things all the time.

16. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s accepting ourselves and everything else in a peaceful manner. Just like nature does.

17. Don’t try to change other people. Just accept them, love them exactly as they are. That will inspire them to be better.

18. Don’t define yourself in any way. We’re not something made in a factory with a label that says what we are. Just be whatever you want to be.

19. Parenthood is one of the hardest and most rewarding things in life.

20. The most important thing that every child wants is: your attention.

Detail 3 copy

21. Creating special rituals and habits with your children is like planting seeds for the future. One day that’s what they’re going to remember from the past.

22. Being nice to other people doesn’t mean that you have to be naive. Let your intuition alert you when someone has bad intentions so you can protect yourself.

23. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Even when everybody else is doing it.

24. Our time and energy is precious and limited. Think well before you decide how to spend it.

25. Don’t run away from your emotions and feelings. They are our most important communicators. They let us know everything that we need to know about ourselves.

26. What really works when it comes to healthy eating is to develop a functional relationship with food.

Detail 4 copy


27. Pay attention to your appearance. Stay nice and clean. It will help you stay connected with your body and soul.

28. Be considerate with people that have physical disabilities. But don’t feel sorry or underestimate them. They are probably stronger than you imagine. Having to overcome daily limitations builds a stronger character.

29. Be nice with children and adults with special needs. If you’re open to them you will be surprised by how much they have to offer.

30. If someone needs your help don’t ignore it or make a big deal out of it. Whether the person is disabled or not, just be spontaneous, natural and enjoy helping.

31. Be always curious. Read, ask, research, learn as much as possible.

32. Knowledge is nothing without experience. In order to really learn something you have to somehow experience it yourself.

33. Be open to new experiences, don’t be afraid to try something new. It will revitalize your mind and body. It will make your life more interesting.

Detail 5 copy


34. Let the most important people in your life know that you love them. Write a letter with a list of the things that you love about that person.

35. Be creative in everything you do. Creativity can solve anything.

36. Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone. Just do it in a gentle way. There is more power in being calm than in being aggressive.

37. Don’t do anything when you’re angry. Otherwise you will end up hurting someone else or yourself.

38. Nothing stays the same for a long time. Be aware that change is part of life. Some changes will be positive and some negative. Be open to both of them so you won’t be unprepared when they arrive.

Detail 6 copy

39. Stress is part of modern society but you don’t have to let it take over your life. A simple solution to reduce stress: define your priorities and eliminate everything else. Simplify your life in every possible way.

40. Enjoy your friends. You won’t know how important they are until they’re gone.

41. The best way to stay connected to life is to be aware of death. Our time is limited so do what you want to do, now.

(Images: New painting for my upcoming show in Miami, Florida. Acrylic paint on canvas))


  1. Feliz Aniversário! Feliz Cumpleaños, Elsa! What a great list of lessons learned. I wish you that this list keep growing happily and that may we keep being able to experience that with you through your meaningful work.
    hugs from a brazilian friend.

  2. What a beautiful and wise list…I nodded my head in agreement throughout. Happy Birthday!

  3. So true and beautifull ! I wish you a dreaming birthday.

  4. A very impressive list Elsita. Happy birthday to you, enjoy your special day with your beloved family and friends.

  5. Happy Birthday, beautiful! I love your list, and I love your painting. I hope your year blossoms and develops the sweetest and most nourishing fruits!


  7. Happy 41st Birthday Elsa! Thank you for sharing these insights with us. I find each one of them valuable and timely in my own life. I notice that you as an artist and blogger extraordinaire are always giving to others, even on your birthday! Have a great day 🙂

  8. feliz cumpleaños!!!!!!!!!! Hoy cumple también 6 mi nena más grande!!!!!Saludos desde la pampa argentina!cheers!

  9. And 41 more reasons to admire your wisdom, Ms. Elsa….happiest day/year/life to YOU!!Besitos!

  10. Happy birthday Elsita, may you live a long and meaningful life as you have already… and for that list to grow a little more each year 🙂

  11. Happy, happy Birthday, dear Elsita, I wish you lots of health and moments of joy. Thank you for your list, full of wisdom. And the painting…beautiful!
    Love, Elizabeth

  12. jappi berdey Elsita, qué alegrìa que naciste!

  13. Happy Birthday Elsita! You are such a strong and beautiful person. I learn so much from you. What a gorgeous painting!! The details are breathless… everything is in the details.. 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday =)

  15. Love your blog! It is beautiful art work! <3 Happy Birthday Elsa Mora! You bring inspiration at heartfelt love for simple art. 😉

  16. Wishing you a very happy birthday Elsita!

  17. Hi Elsita,
    Your list is a picture of you! Have a wonderful birthday!!! A big hug from me to you.

  18. It’s your birthday and we get to receive a gift.
    Happy happy birthday and thank you so much.

  19. Another beautiful post! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for giving us the gift of always getting to see your beautiful art and words of wisdom 🙂 Have a wonderful day:)

  21. Those are like the lovely seeds you talk about planting. Thank you for sharing them.

  22. happy birthday my very dear friend
    You have wisdom that far outshines you wonderful age of 41
    i think you have lived a few lives before this one and experienced many things
    You have contributed so much to so many lives and I for one am a better person for
    knowing you.
    the strongest hug and kiss that I can virtually send is coming your way.
    love you

  23. These pieces of advice are precious, thank you so much for sharing them! Your posts and your art really make a difference. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more to come.

  24. You are a wise, incredible woman, Elsa. This is such an inspiring post, definitely put a lot of thoughts into my head. 🙂

  25. Feliz cumpleaños Elsa ! Gracias por compartir esas frases sobre la vida, siempre es bueno recordar estas cosas… Un abrazo.

  26. Zunächst einmal möchte ich sagen, tolles Blog! Ich hatte eine kurze Frage, ich möchte fragen, ob es Ihnen nichts ausmacht. Ich war daran interessiert, herauszufinden, wie man sich Mitte und deaktivieren Sie Ihre Gedanken vor dem Schreiben. Ich hatte eine harte Zeit in meinem Kopf Clearing immer meine Ideen aus. Das tue ich wirklich gerne schreiben aber es scheint wie in den ersten 10 bis 15 Minuten werden in der Regel nur verschwendet, um herauszufinden, wie ich anfangen soll. Irgendwelche Ideen oder Tipps? Vielen Dank!

  27. Happy birthday Elsa!! I love your list and the painting. Especially I enjoyed to see the close-ups with all the details, wonderful!

  28. Felicidades! que los en 41 sigas con tanta vida, tu blog siempre es una inyección de fuerza y de alegría de vivir. El cuadro es precioso. Un beso grande

  29. Happy Belated Birthday! This is a wonderful list and a great way to usher in a new year of life. 🙂

  30. Happy day, Elsita! Thank you for your inspiring list and your inspiring creations – a gift to us all.

  31. Wonderful. Thank-you. And Happy Belated Birthday!

  32. so, so very wonderful and wise! thank you for this list. and happy birthday!

  33. Happy birthday, I’m born the 9th may too, but 6 years earlier. Have 6 more lessons from life 😉
    Thank-you for sharing yours! I whish you so many joy, life and beauty you can bear! Cathy

  34. Thank you so much. I was in a bit of slump a while ago and this post made me got over it and start working for the future. Thank you!

  35. Happy Birthday! I don’t know you personally, but I very much enjoy your blog and paintings. I especially love the two flowerbuds in her face and how they are dancing around her body! What did you do to make the background crackle like an old painting?

  36. Happy birthday! I love these works for the show! I really would like to be in Miami! 🙂

  37. You just became my life coach. 🙂
    Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful people on this earth. xo

  38. Happy Birthday Elsita!
    Love the 41 things you shared with us! You’re such an inspiration not only as an artist but as a person too!

  39. Wishing you all joy on this birthday and always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, talents, insights, love and blessing with me for a long time. Your work is very moving to me. And I really appreciate you!

  40. Thank you so very much for your beautiful words. They make me feel the luckiest girl in the world.
    Big hug!
    Elsita 🙂

  41. I agree so much with everything you say and try to live my life with a similar philosophy. We should always be open and live life growing, learning and giving. Lots of love to you and yours for 2013

  42. Great list of wisdom and so in tune with my thoughts and work ! You are ding a lot to help others and I thank you for that Elsa! All the best for 2013!

  43. It has been a pleasure finding your blog and meeting you. You were recommended by settleandchase. I am an old man with quite some experience behind me, and I liked your list of life’s lessons very much.

  44. Вот уже год прошол с того времени, как ты написала этот пост с списком своего личного опыта.
    я сегодня его прочла)))
    спасибо тебе Ельсита!!!
    спасибо тебе,светлая душа…

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