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  1. and it is a joy to look at. Every time I wonder how do you do it.
    When I see a twitter of you I can’t wait to look what you surprise is behind it 🙂

  2. Amazing Elsita, adoro y aprecio mucho tu trabajo eres una gran artista!!!

  3. Amazing.

  4. Love it!!! The tiny fox is so cute.

  5. I hope you know how incredibly talented you are. I am in awe.

  6. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  7. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  8. Wish I could see the show… such amazing work Elista. It really touches me.

  9. I just happened to come across your blog and WOW! Your work is amazing!! I called my husband over to look too and we have been checking out your art – you are unbelievably talented! This ring is my favorite (so far).

  10. that ring made me squeal with delight when I first saw it!!!!
    great work!

  11. votre blog est génial, on a une amie qui a fait ses invitations de mariage à Lausanne avec une jolie robe de mariée découpée, mais rien de similaire à votre splendide travail! félicitations et bonne continuation!

  12. you are amazing!!! I think I am inspired to try papercutting myself (wishing myself a big good luck! haha)

  13. It is impressive with all that detail that it has. I bet that it took you a lot of time to make it.

  14. The article is very good, I like it very much.Here I learned a lot, then I will pay more attention to you.

  15. this is very beautiful. I wonder if you mind me asking where you purchased the shadow box? or did you make it? many thanks x

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