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Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Blog, Categories (2), Paper, Papercutting | 11 comments

“Marbled” Paper

“Marbled” Paper


The other day, while visiting the art  store, a piece of beautiful marbled paper caught me attention. I spent a few minutes studying the mesmerizing patterns. Then my brain started getting excited and in a”loud” voice it said: HOW ABOUT CREATING A SIMILAR EFFECT USING CUT PAPER??!! OK, I responded, but first you need to calm down and focus on what we came here for, let’s talk about that when we get home. That’s exactly what my brain and I did. Once in my studio, we spent hours working on our experiment. I felt like Einstein. It was extremely exciting seeing a bunch of cut  paper turn into something so psychedelic.


marble paper ultimo small

p2. copy

↑This is the piece that I created with the basic pattern. It took forever to carefully cut each layer with scissors.

p3 copy

p4 copy


↑ After the basic piece with the layers was finished, I scanned it at high-resolution to generate the rectangle above. Then, I digitally arranged this rectangle to form the first image that you saw on this post. From that image I digitally cut the pieces below, just for fun.

art marble paper small

marble alphabet 1 small

black small

As you can see, the possibilities of paper are unlimited. I hope that you had fun reading and seeing this post. And I promise to keep sharing my experiments with you.

Please come back tomorrow, I will be hosting a craft book giveaway!





  1. Wow, just wow. Elsa, you really never cease to amaze me…such diversity…you are truly an inspiration…<3

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who gets ideas while out and about that results in having conversations with myself about needing to table the idea and focus on the task at hand!:) Thanks for some Monday morning inspiration!

  3. This is a conversation I am very familiar with. I am often trying to explain to it, “Brain, please wait, this is not an opportune time.” I am changing a diaper, working at my job, trying to go to sleep, or grocery shopping. It reminds me of this, I think maybe you would like it if you haven’t watched it already

    • Thanks for sharing this TED Talk video Linnea. Just finished watching it and loved it!

    • Thanks a lot Linnea!
      I love Elizabeth Gilbert! I have watched that video more than once. Someone sent it to me last year. Thanks a lot for sharing it here at Art is a Way.
      Elsa Mora recently posted..“Marbled” PaperMy Profile

  4. Intensely beautiful. This really brightened my day. The photo showing the cross section reminds me of fordite — imagine how lovely paper fordite jewelry could be.
    PamV recently posted..January is slumpishMy Profile

    • Paper fordite jewelry! My brain is getting busy again 🙂

  5. Brilliant! I love your ideas and work, it’s so inspiring!

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