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  1. delightful… no se si exciste en español una palabra para traducir “delightful” Elsi!!!!
    Beso gigante!!!

  2. It is pure magic what you can do with a sharp blade, a limited color palette and some paper. Magic!

  3. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  4. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  5. thought I really loved the one from the other day, but this one is AMAZING. (especially love the red and the color paper used for skin tones)

  6. Oh My! Your work is absolutely whimsical! The craftsmanship is so impressive!
    Wow – you are extemely talented!

  7. as always you show this incredible talent, I not sure about how many time you dedicated to this activity, but you have to be a real expert or well studied a lot this art.

  8. Aloha! enyjn hkmgd xoqwe qjtnp txelw shkmk rpcts tapvo aamdc macrn

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