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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH Elsita! I’m LOVING this art work, fantastic!!!!! xxx

  2. Elsa, I have always followed your work and every post surprise me again! You’re amazing!

  3. it was amazing. you are amazing. xo gretchen

  4. Hi dear! Love these, so!!! I see almost sea urchin characteristics with the rounded ones and the holes! How beautiful! Sending light and joy to you.

  5. See how the sky was black during the day, see how long is the night, and at dawn.

  6. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  7. Very cool idea, Elsa! I love seeing ideas that are brand new and you often provide those. jan

  8. I can’t wait either. Absolutely beautiful! Love the pops of red.

  9. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  10. really beautiful, Elsita. It reminds me the wonderful plates of Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur.

  11. People should leave professional hair products and services to the professionals.

  12. Yes Paul, that’s what I meant Your way of doing this is good, but I prefer to rip out artciles I like. This way, I don’t even look at the crappy artciles and I make a conscious decision of what I really want to read.

  13. I too cut the hair @ our house… even my own! My hubby likes the short cut (#1 or #2 on the clipper amcathtent–depending on the season). My oldest also has the curly hair, very forgiving!! My youngest, sad to say has the thin and straight hair, page boys are the easiest and cutest I think! Saves lots of money for sure!!!

  14. I subscribed to the Kindle tdeiion because I am often leave the house before my paper would actually arrive. Got to say, on the DX, I find I read more of the paper than I do looking online. And I miss neither the circulars nor carrying the dead tree refuse out to the curb on Tuesdays. (I do still buy it most Sundays, I admit )

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