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Posted by on Jun 19, 2008 in Blog, Children, Outsider Art, Painting | 31 comments



Dear friend:
Today I am extremely honored to introduce someone very special to you…but let me start the story from the beginning:

Not so long ago I ended up at some Etsy shop that was new to me. As soon as I saw the pictures in it my heart had a little inusual palpitation as it happens when you discover something different. I immediately got the little bug or curiosity so I started exploring and reading everything. The store had 5 paintings for sell at the time. It didn’t take me more than a few seconds to decide what I did next: I bought all the 5 listed pieces! I just had to do it and the reason why I did it has a name: Arthur Simo.

Who is Arthur Simo? Arthur Simo is a teenager who will turn 16 in July 22 and he is Autistic just like my son Diego. To me he is one of the most authentic folk, or naive Artists that I have ever seen, he taught himself how to paint and discovering his art is something that I am so grateful about. Reading the explanations about his paintings made me fall in love with his extraordinary imaginary world.

Now let’s take a look at some of his creations. You will also see the explanations of his paintings in his own words. He explains the meanings of his paintings to his Mom and she writes down the words exactly as he says them.

This painting is about an ant and her baby were walking in the woods looking for the witch doctor to get some medication for her daughter that is sick. She drank dirty water and probably her tummy is hurting. On the way to the witch doctor a giant bee attacked her and pick her up by the shoulders and put them inside a bee hive. They are in trouble, who will save them.

This painting is about lots of statues protecting a city. This is the most powerful city because nobody is able to get close to the statues. Besides of surrounding the entire city, they all are stock with arrows. They will never run out of them, making the city very powerful. The entire army will shoot lots of arrows up on top of the statues and they will have the best strategy to get the victory.

This painting is about the only carousel that will let you flight a car. People are coming from everywhere in big lines, they want the ultimate ride, it feels free flying up the sky. Unless you try it, you will never know how it feels like crusing on a car up the sky.

This painting is about an old and unusual fish, scape from the deep ocean floor, a crack was done after an opening on the underground volcano. After reaching the surface, the light damage his skin giving him pain, so he went down deep. All other fishes around him wondering on this strange visitor, but suddenly he encounter a huge fish, he was going into his territory and he was getting ready to fight.

This painting is about Earth falling apart and from now on different Earth pieces will be on space and each one will be a different planet. It happens when lots of meteorites blew up the moon and those moon pieces stroke Earth. It was a big hit and Earth end up in pieces.


Here you can see a little video of Arthur introducing himself and showing one of his paintings dedicated to Shakira, he loves her.

And this is another little video where Arthur is explaining one of his paintings.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am to be a collector of Arthur Simo’s art. So far I own 16 of his paintings and having them in our home is a daily source of inspiration as an Artist and as the Mother of a wonderful Autistic child. Now Arthur’s Mom is my cibernetic friend and it turns out that she is Cuban just like me, WHAT A COINCIDENCE! So Arthur is is bilingual. Arthur gives me so much hope about Diego’s future. One day when I visit my Mom in Florida I want Diego and Arthur to meet in person, I can’t wait to tell him what a wonderful Artist I think he is!

And if you want to leave a comment for Arthur here, I encourage you to do it since he will be able to read them!

Elsita 🙂



  1. Hej Arthur,
    Your artwork is fantastic. The way you use colours and shapes I’m really impressed. I never knew that a fifteen year old could be so courage in expressing himself in a painting. I think you are really special and I’m glad you wanna share your work and ultimately yourself with the rest of the world.
    I wish you lots of luck and success.
    Kind regards from Denmark,

  2. Hi Arthur,
    you make LOVELY paintings and by reading the stories behind them I totally understand them! the colours you choose are amazing… great combinations… keep up the very good work!
    Warm regards from Portugal!

  3. Wow! I love these paintings- I really love the stories and I want to know more about the characters in them. I’ve added Arthur’s shop to my etsy faves and I hope to be buying from him soon. Great work!

  4. Hallo Arthur, thank you for showing us your paintings, I am sure you will have success. I have added your shop to my faves too and soon I will buy one of your artwork, I love it, it talks to me deep inside.
    Thank you, Elsita, for telling us of Arthur and his life.

  5. hello there! The paintings are rich and fabulous! I like the stories a lot and the way they are turned into colourful art. So well done!

  6. Hi there Arthur, Wow, you are such an amazing artist and at such a young age. You look so handsome in that picture with your mom. She is beaming and her face shows so much pride and joy for you and your art. I think your art reminds me of some of my favorite artists like Miro, and Hunderwasser. You should have a look at some of their paintings to see what I mean. I looked at your etsy shop and love all the paintings you have there. You should think about making some cards with your images because I would love to send them to friends to imspire them. Thanks so much for letting elsita show the world your art.

  7. Hello Arthur. Your work is wonderful. I love the colors and the stories. You can tell you’ve thought a lot about the story you want to tell. My son, Luke, liked the old and unusual fish painting so much. He loves the ocean.
    Keep painting and creating!
    Mim & Luke

  8. Before I read the comments I saw the Bee and felt love, saw the arrows and felt raw frustration and thought Basquiat. His work may influence you Arthur. Please keep painting your lovely canvases and sharing your world with us. Thank you!

  9. Dear Arthur,
    Your use of color and space is beautiful, and I love that you have a story for the images you paint. It feels to me that you and your mom could make a book with all of these paintings and stories for children and parents to read. Thank you so much for sharing your work!
    P.S. Thank you, Elsita – your blog is a pure space of joy to me and I love to visit every day. These paintings have made my morning wonderful.

  10. Arthur – Your art is inspiring, colorful and so imaginative! Keep creating! God bless.

  11. Hola Elsita
    Acabo de conocer tu blog y estoy encantada. No he podido dejar de mirarlo.
    Me gusta mucho tu trabajo. Tus figuras, ilustraciones, muñecos, todo con un aire inquietante como con pasado y relacionado con una naturaleza entre real y fantástica.
    Mis felicitaciones. Seguiré visitándote.
    Disfruta mucho de tus pequeños.
    Un beso

  12. Hi Arthur!
    I am very happy to have discovered your beautiful work. I love your use of color and enjoy the chance to read the story of each painting. I love Stephanie’s idea about you making a book. That would be fantastic!!! Have you ever considered the idea?
    Hi Elsa!
    Your blog makes me smile every day. You are an amazingly positive person so full of life and passion. You are a true inspiration. When I’m having a rough day you inspire me to find something positive and appreciate the simple beauty in it. Thank you!

  13. Oye Chica!!! I could tell you were a latina! You write with an accent! I am soooo happy to have discovered your blog. You are simply charming. Your work is magical. And your point of view so loving and generous, I feel I’ve been touched by my guardian angel whenever I come to visit. Gracias por tu gracia!
    Arthur, you have a gift and a vision. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  14. Isn’t that amazing that you should find Arthur and have all these commonalities? A similar thing happened to me recently. It’s just fate isn’t it?! Arthur’s choice of words is so fascinating. It is truly interesting and a gift to have a little insight into the bright and mysterious mind of an autistic person. It is wonderful that Arthur is one of the few that is able to express himself in a way that connects him to the ‘outside’ world! How can we not treasure his talent and his artful communication; as well as others like him!Inspiring!

  15. Arthur,
    Your paintings are so beautiful. I wish I could explain in words how they make me feel when I look at them. The stories are equally beautiful. I wish you the best of luck on your beautiful, wonderful art and that you may do this for years to come.

  16. Arthur,
    I love, love, love your fish, but I am now worried about the moon breaking up and crashing into earth. I hope I see more of your paintings in the future.
    Meg in Nelson, New Zealand

  17. Arthur-
    Wonderful artwork! I love the colors you use and the fantastic stories behind each piece. My favorite is the fish painting and I think Elsita is so very lucky to have your art hanging in her house.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Arthur, seeing your art this morning has made me feel very happy. It is always fun to discover new artworks that are beautiful to look at, but yours also have beautiful and interesting stories as well. Thank-you for the inspiration!
    Kindest regards,

  19. Oh, those are just beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I especially love the carousel. Keep up the amazing work, Arthur!
    And thank you, Elsa, for sharing these with us.

  20. Arthur, I especially like the one of the city and the statues protecting it. Wonderful idea!

  21. Hello Arther, your art is just wonderful. You put so much emotion into each piece, it is easy to feel the story that you are telling. I love the colors and the way your mind works. They are all so beautiful. amy

  22. Dear Arthur,
    I’m so glad that Elsita shared your art with us–you have such a rich imagination! I especially love the combination of colors you use in your paintings. You are sooo talented! Thank you! Bev

  23. Wow! Arthur your painting’s and the stories behind
    them are amazing! They brightened my day!
    Thanks Elsa for sharing an amazing artist with us!
    God Bless Your Creative Lives!!!

  24. Hello Dear Elsita! I saw somewhere before I read your blog about Arthur and his paintings and saw you purchased one. Arthur’s work is BEAUTIFUL! It’s in perfect heartfelt raw form!! My favorite! I’ll be another one of his frequent customers!!
    Dear Arthur!! I adore your paintings!! They come straight from your imagination and your stories. That’s where my painting comes from too. I’m so drawn to their beauty. I will be purchasing some of your beautiful work very soon! Visit my shop: Shop 66 on Etsy. I’m a huge fan of Elsita too. I adore her and her work.
    Take care, Gretchen 😀

  25. WOW! I am so excited by the colors and especially by the textures that you use in your paintings; by textures I mean the repeating shapes and where you put them. I am off to visit your shop now!

  26. Arthur,
    Thank you for sharing your art with me and the rest of the world. Your artwork about the splitting moon that breaks the earth into other planets is kind of a prophecy I think, about the love in your heart. You have broken it up and shared it with the world. It is not just “love” it is love of many colors, of lines, and of precious stories.
    Many blessings 🙂

  27. Plato said: the first was crying because you’re not, the second laughing because meet you, third smiling tears because can’t have you.

  28. Plato said: the first was crying because you’re not, the second laughing because meet you, third smiling tears because can’t have you.

  29. Good morning my name is marco abbagnara I am the art primitive gallery curator . The gallery is located in sarzana la Spezia italy i would like to contact Arthur for exhibition in gallery can you send me Arthur è mail?
    All my best
    Marco abbagnara

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