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Posted by on Oct 9, 2013 in Adults, Artists, Blog, Categories (1), Painting | 2 comments

Merab Abramishvili’s Paintings.

Merab Abramishvili’s Paintings.


My breath was taken away when I first saw Merab Abramishvili‘s paintings. Their raw, intoxicating beauty is so appealing to me.  I did as much research about the artist as I could, but the information available is very scarce. All I found out was that he was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1957. And that he died in 2006. That makes me sad, because if he were still alive, he would be only 56 years old.  I also learned that Merab graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Georgia.

The paintings by this extraordinary artist are treasured by the National Museum of Art, Tbilisi, National Gallery of Art, Tbilisi, Ludwig Museum, Köln, and private collections in Finland and the USA.

 Photos by Flam on Flickr ↓

8279333479 6814e64360 b Merab Abramishvilis Paintings.

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abramishvili Merab Abramishvilis Paintings.

8279332415 f9f6302700 b Merab Abramishvilis Paintings.

8279333039 0aa7e00c16 o Merab Abramishvilis Paintings.

d933d41389918894e0c3db25d2ab7685 Merab Abramishvilis Paintings.


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