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Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Blog, Painting | 10 comments

A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

SMALL A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water 1

 smallA Woman Hiding in a Drop of Watera

3 copy

2 copy

Here is my latest painting. The idea behind it comes from some sort of poem that has been in my mind lately. This painting is a visual representation of it.

I don’t know how to write a poem properly, so here is my attempt to describe it with words.

A minuscule woman swims in water. Water in the shape of a drop. This water that contains itself and the woman is so small that nobody notices. The woman starts drowning, not in the water, but in her own fear to become invisible. As a blue bird approaches, the woman starts singing a good bye song, a song that sounds like the wind. The bird sees the drop of water and drinks it quickly. The woman wakes up to realize that it was only a dream.

Something tells me that this has to do with my friend Debra‘s departure. Even though she’s not physically alive anymore, her spirit is vibrantly present in my heart.

Title: A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

Measurements: 10″ x 10″

Materials: Acrylic paint on wood.


  1. What a lovely and soulful painting…beautiful, both your words and your art!

  2. her spirit will live forever in the hearts of those that loved her

  3. never seize to amaze!
    bellisimo Elsa. Es increible las formas en las que los que se van, se quedan..

  4. Beautiful.

  5. i love the way we (as humans) are able to translate and express our inner worlds in such wondrous ways…through music, art, words etc
    i particularly adore your last couple of pieces as visually and emotionally they are quite shamanistic

  6. Oh, the places we hide ourselves. And how they can surprise us when we think about it. The woman in the drop of water has found a way to fly!
    This delightful post reminded me of an old scrap drawing (which I love) entitled:
    ‘The Lady in the Waterspot’~
    I found her on my bathroom water faucet.

  7. Elsa, when I saw an image of your pins, awhile back, I wrote this poem. Now I find this post here. I am in love with the blue, and the parchment feel. This blue has always been my favourite colour. IN my visions it is alive, and is the light that’s underneath light, so to speak.

    anyway, here’s the poem. Inspired by you pins.

    The woman in a drop of water is a bird

    A wing shape is in her eye, and behind her

    A dark sky of wood clay repeats the wing.

    She fits inside it, and inside her is a tear,

    smoothed, like a wing with the bird held back.

    She goes about like a petal curved

    at a woman’s lapel. She is like the last tear,

    waiting for the bird that comes after her.

    the end is my favourite part. 🙂

    A. Armstrong-Webber

    • Wow Alison!
      I feel so honored. Thanks a lot for this poem.
      Elsita 🙂

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