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Posted by on Feb 17, 2009 in Blog, Drawing | 24 comments



Libelula means dragonfly in Spanish and that’s exactly the title of this new drawing that I am so excited to share with you today 🙂

Libelula (small)

Would you share your interpretations of this drawing with me? I would love to hear what you think!

Libelula (small detail)
I also have a link to a great tutorial for you: Make a Paper Dragonfly.
Libelula (girl detail)
And as a last little note I would like to let you know that this week Bill will be publishing a series of posts on his blog under the name: ALL THINGS WONDERFUL, inspired by the name of his company. I am sooo curious about them! I invite you to join him in this adventure 🙂

Have a great day my friend!

Elsita 🙂


  1. Hej Elsa,
    What a beautiful drawing you made for today. When I saw it there came one sentence too my mind. “We all have something fragile we want to share.”
    In a book about animals as symbols the Libelula (libelle in dutch) stands for a being of the winds of change, of the messages of wisdom and enlightment and for the messages of the world of the elements.
    Two different explanations with one thing in common: sharing. And that is exactly what you do so generously.

  2. the little girl is dreaming of her previous life, when she was a dragonfly who dreamt of being a little girl 🙂

  3. My first thought was incomplete. One is incomplete without the other and they will need to work together to make things work.
    Lovely drawing.

  4. ps- Libelula and Libelle are much prettier names than our dragonfly.

  5. I see this as an allegorical picture of this caring community we are all part . We all have something very important we can share that through those things we complete ourselves and at the same time help others develop, grow and fly to great heights. I think dragonfly wings are one of the most beautiful things in nature. Have you ever looked at one under your little microscope you found last year.

  6. Oh, Dear..just Sad. You must not be half a person (or dragonfly) you must be true to yourself and be whole…wonderful lesson.

  7. I find this image disquieting.
    I am also put in mind of the idea of Philip Pullman’s ‘familiars’ – animal souls which form part of, but live alongside, and separately from, the humans in his His Dark Materials trilogy of books.
    It has a dreamlike, otherwordly quality. I wonder if the girl is dreaming, and subconsciously ill at ease with herself – imagining some sort of separation from something dear to her – from something very much a part of her.
    There is an expression on her face that she still has some peace about the situation, but the fear is still quietly there, and manifesting in the split image of dragonfly and girl. Both may need to acknowledge the need for separation, but both need each other to be whole.
    It’s beautiful as usual, and very thought provoking!

  8. Elsa, the drawing is soo beautiful! My tots on the drawing is about sharing and supporting each other.
    Have a lovely merry day! Oh and i love your painting of Zen Girl! Lots of love to you and yours!

  9. It’s also the word for Portuguese 😉
    I looove your libélula, so gorgeous!

  10. hmmm. the libelula looks at rest; so still i can see every detail. and the girl, too, is at rest. her dream might be of falling, but she looks relaxed. she’s falling on a cloud. but she wants to fly.
    in between the moments of flying or falling there is rest.

  11. Elsita what I wonderful gift you have given me without you knowing it, so I wanted to let you know.
    Libélulas have been present in my life whenever a change comes and it is really nice that now that I am getting ready to move to my hometown you put this post!
    Libélulas as butterflies are signs of change and growth, I love the subtle smile of the girl, as if she is smiling about something only she knows about, maybe that she is missing her other libélula half but she knows that someday, somehow she will be complete, maybe that is why she smiles although she may seem half of what she should be.
    Muchísimas gracias por este dibujo, me recuerda que a veces el que no conozca todas las partes de mi alma simplemente significa que están esperando a que las descubra. Un día, quizás, mientras tenga fé en mí.
    Un abrazo de ala de libélula, sutil como una caricia.

  12. what a pretty drawing! maybe it represents metamorphosis from one being to another.

  13. Incomplete metamorphosis…..and symbiosis….Animal and human joined or separated. Something fey about this…a spell gone wrong. Incomplete sentences seem right to describe it. The making of a fairytale here….Red shoes…and an apple tree ….I think!

  14. There once was a girl who wanted to fly. She did not know how. And she had been looking for ages for someone to teach her. Then, one day, she met an old and wise dragonfly, who said to her: “Look, you need wings if you want to fly!” And the old and wise dragonfly took two of her wings and gave them to the little girl. The little girl was so happy and she started to try and to fly and to try, until she could fly.

  15. Incomplete metamorphosis…..and symbiosis….Animal and human joined or separated. Something fey about this…a spell gone wrong. Incomplete sentences seem right to describe it. The making of a fairytale here….Red shoes…and an apple tree ….I think!

  16. why are they separated ? why dont they give their hand each other ?

  17. I agree with Michelle.

  18. What a beautiful drawing, I think this is my favourite so far. It seems to me that the girl is losing height in her flight because she has not embraced her lower self/her animal self yet and thus she is not complete . She is still in a dream like state (her consciousness not fully developed), but once she is awake she can accept all of her parts in order to be complete and soar to her highest potential.
    Un abrazo,

  19. I have been a bit shy to jump in, but this drawing speaks to me so much! Sharing our dreams and finding those to help and support us along the way. This little girl has always wanted to fly. She tried on her own for so long, but finally asked someone with more experience to help and guide her. The dragonfly, her mentor, compassionalel loans her wings… “see how it feels to fly? You can do it if you try… just believe.” The expression of hope radiates across the girl’s face as she feels her body lift from the ground. Now that she knows how… and believes… she can grow her own two wings.

  20. I have been thinking about this gorgeous drawing since you put it on your blog. I tried to pretend I hadn’t seen it….so that I wouldn’t have to share my interpretations because they seem silly.
    Anyway…they seem to still have perfect balance..the girl with her tiny feet and legs (no arms, just wings) ; and the dragonfly perfectly hovering; albeit missing 1/2 of his wings… I get the feeing the she is thanking the libélula for sharing the wings with her!
    Perhaps this means that no matter how intense situations can be, we will get through them….strength may come from the most unexpected places.

  21. What a beautiful drawing. My first thought was me. I have such a LOVE for dragonflies that I pictured myself slowing turning into one.

  22. Such a beautiful joining of images! The first thing that came to mind was what a sacrifice the dragonfly had made for the girl, perhaps because he is her partner and will do anything he can for her. The girl is handicapped because she has no arms, but now that she has those ethereal wings, she can soar with her dragonfly friend. Neither of them may be able to fly very high, but you can see that they have been made a little more equal by this loving gift. It’s sad and hopeful at the same time, and the girl’s wistful smile seems to capture that dissonance. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing the origami dragonfly pattern, and I’ll be sure to check in on Bill’s blog to see what he’s up to! You two are both so inspiring!

  23. This is fantastic! You are so talented. I just read this quote today. Seems to fit. “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” – Lucertius
    Thanks for sharing. dix—

  24. …He took her arms so he could give her wings…
    I have so enjoyed catching up with your blog and tales of your Oscar event! I love that you are such a wholesome soul and do things like cut your own hair when it appears everyone else in the “industry” is there to be “seen” – thank you for sharing what you “saw”
    I also must add, your necklace is amazing! Your talents blow me away! And p.s. I’m coveting your vintage purse! 🙂

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