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Posted by on Jan 30, 2009 in Blog, Drawing | 29 comments



Is there anything more complex and amazing than the human heart? A heart is something that we all have in common, yet, each one is unique.

Heart (small)

I have been always fascinated and intrigued by the way the heart “behaves”.

Heart (detail)
So here I have a few questions to start our reflections today:
What do you see in this drawing? What do you feel when you look at it? How has your heart treated you in all these years?
Heart (detail1)
We are free to express any ideas that come to mind, I will write my own ones as a comment in this post later.
Heart (detail2)
I wish you a happy Friday my friend and a wonderful weekend!


  1. elsita soy maria jose de españa,, hoy has acertado totalmente tu exposicion ya q te sigo muy de cerca y con la gente q comparto tu blog siempre les digo q te sigan porque eres ” TODO CORAZON”….

  2. Hej Elsita,
    I really like your heart especially the scissor which becomes a flower with thorns and the little scare. It is almost as if you made a drawing of my heart. My heart is my little miracle. As a young girl I spent a lot of time in the hospital. I’m very fortunate that my heart healed itsself and they didn’t operate after all. This healing process also takes place when life is given me a blow. So I can safely say I’m very happy with my patched up heart as I call it.
    Have a great weekend and thank you for the drawing.

  3. Hola Elsita!
    La verdad es que muchas veces me olvido de lo maravilloso que es mi cuerpo, mi parte física, sin él no sería capaz de percibir el mundo, ya que toda información nos llega a través de nuestros sentidos, y sin esa información sería incapaz de imaginar combinaciones sensoriales nuevas y por tanto de soñar!
    Así que coincido totalmente contigo, nuestros corazones son algo complejo y bello.
    Las tijeras me recuerdan que hay muchas cosas aún en mi interior para explorar tanto corporal como mentalmente y la rosa me recuerda que aunque ese proceso es a veces doloroso por las espinas es también bello y lindo como la flor, y que en todo momento es mejor hacerlo con un trazo amoroso y tierno como los tuyos en tus dibujos!
    Gracias por tu generosidad, por compartir y estoy deseando ver tu post!!!
    Abrazos desde España!

  4. Elsa, I see the flower as the beauty of our emotions and the miracle of the human body. The scissors are things we may need to remove like negative and hurtful feelings.

  5. Our hearts need nourishment just like every other part of our bodies and obtain this through the life giving blood that runs through us. In the hearts case these are the coronary arteries and in your picture the are shown by the stem of the rose. Our hearts can be nourished with beauty and nature but we can also at times let the cold concrete, hard metal world cut into out natural beauty. It is really our choice which side supplies our heart and in this case nature has won.

  6. I see not just a heart, but the feminine curves of a woman. Someone visceral, real, skin and blood. A mother perhaps. The scissors grown from the heart to snip the umbilical cord, and the ties which bind – to set free. If you love something or someone with all your heart, you set it free. The rose grows, little thorns on it, but not enough to do real damage when so close to this mighty heart. This is a heart which teaches lessons. Which is real. Which beats strongly. I love this heart.

  7. Hi Elisita, I see a heart that is full and growing and flourishing. We are happy and productive, yet there is that little branch of doubt. Is it good enough? Did I do it right? Am I going to get in trouble? What will they think? Will they like it?
    Have a happy weekend to you and your little family. xo, suzy

  8. It makes me think that the heart is a bloom that has been clipped–it’s like a flower for display that is no longer alive. It’s still temporarily beautiful, still an image of its former life, but it won’t be with us for long. Cut flowers always make me sad, but you know, Elsita, even your images which seem to portray dark notions to me seem peaceful. They make me feel more calm about the pain of life–it’s inevitable and as we go through it, we may also find beauty that makes it less hard.

  9. Increiblemente nuestro motor es tan delicado como una flor.Las tijeras en mi lectura, representan el peligro que bien puede ser emocional, o fisico. No hay evación a ninguno de los dos, nadie está excempto de ellos.Buen dia desde Miami

  10. Hola Elsita, conocí de ti a través de una amiga que sigue tu website. Me fascino tu creatividad, tu talento y tu manera de expresar las cosas. Espero que a través de este medio podamos conocernos y compartir más nuestras letras y la creación. Mucho éxito y bendiciones.
    Norka Pérez Lozada

  11. Hi Elsa, I have to confess that I gasped out loud when I saw your beautiful drawing of the heart this morning.
    Last week, at 23 weeks pregnant my unborn child was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect that will require immediate surgery as soon as he is born. Of course this is the only thing on my mind these days. This drawing makes me think of his heart because he has been diagnosed with something called an interrupted Aortic Arch. The Aorta is not connected properly. For me when I look at this drawing I see the disconnected aorta (maybe cut by the scissors)? The flower wrapped around it gives me hope that his life will blossom once his aorta is reconnected….

  12. I believe the heart you have drawn needs to cut that flower that once beautiful is now full of thorns. This heart looks a bit “messy”, I think it just needs a fresh start, so that it can beat freely!

  13. The heart is always involved in new relationships (the rose), but these relationships contain within them impermanence–they will be cut one day (the scissors). I see this drawing as a depiction of that process.

  14. I imagine the valves to be little portals which deliver and receive love, strength…perhaps the largest valves for humans with the smaller ones for animals…. the flower represents the owner (me), strong, delicate and fragile all at the same time; ready to protect myself and those attached to me with the thorns, if needed.
    The scissors remind me that we have control (many times) to sever ties and/or ultimately, our own life.

  15. My Mom had to have a pace-making put in yesterday, so your drawing takes on a whole new meaning for me. The scissors represent the procedure, and the flowers mean a new beginning, and everything will be OK!
    La Donna

  16. I’d call it, The Journey of Faith.
    God Bless You and YOur and Your
    Creative Life!!!

  17. I’d call it, The Journey of Faith.
    God Bless You an Yours
    and Your Creative Life!!!

  18. such a powerful image for me, elsita. my father died from heart failure a few years ago and i think much more about the heart than i used to.
    my heart? it expanded with the birth of daughter until i thought i might just happily float away. lately, it feels as though my heart is a little constricted.

  19. Our hearts keep us alive, and we must also keep our hearts alive. That’s easier with people like Elsita around.

  20. When we open our hearts beautiful things can happen but be aware that once our hearts are open there are those things that can sneak up from under us and cut us deeply. It is a step worth taking and wonderful things can grow from it time and time again in different forms such as love, friendship,etc.. Like a flower it must be nutured or it will wither and eventually disintigrate. There is always a chance that the seeds that are left behind can renew themselves and once again grow. Sometimes you just have to cut them losse forever.

  21. I forgot to add…WOW, your art is like therapy. Thanks

  22. Hello Elsita…your drawings reflect the intricasy of your thoughts!
    In looking at this drawing I see a heart that is strong but which also needs constant tending and tender care. It “blooms” with love but often requires pruning and trimming…self love and self care.
    Thanks you again for sharing your generous heart with us.

  23. I see lots of pain that comes with living and loving–the threat of separation from the scissor blade, the prick of the thorns from the rose–but also so much potential beauty from those two things. It’s a lovely ode to the reality and promise of taking the chance to love completely.

  24. When I look at the drawing I see the two-fold blessings of an emotional heart. I see the flowering love growing and flowing from it and I see that within that open-ness and loving is the potential for the pain and loss that the scissors seem to signify. Overall I feel a sort of restful truth in the piece, all life has both the sun and shadow contained within it…that is the beauty of it all.

  25. This drawing makes me think of my Grandmother’s heart. Ruth was strong but soft woman. She had a gentle broken heart that needed a value replacement when she was an older woman. The scissors remind me of the surgeon’s tools. The rose is my Grandmother’s heart blooming with love.

  26. My heart has been broken in little pieces more than once. The very first time I was about 12 and I thought that emotionally, I wasn’t going to survive. It wasn’t a love-related experience but something that had to do with a huge disappointment from a very close relative. Then as I grew up older I had other painful experiences but the miracle is that I came out being a lot stronger after each experience. The heart has some amazing survival mechanisms that give you extra strength to keep going. At this point in my life my heart and I help each other go through life focusing in the most positive feelings 🙂
    Elsita 🙂

  27. Sweet Elsita,
    Your heart is só beautiful, drawn so softly, and romantic! Normally I see bloody and messy hearts. Yours is to enjoy.
    When you ask how did it treat me, I immediately thought: “How did I treat my heart?”. It ticks for me all day, and I take no notice. I promiss, I will care for it better!!

  28. My first impression when I look at the detailed drawing of the anatomical heart is a bit disturbing because it reminds me of a surgical procedure,I do not get the image of the “heart” as a metaphor for the seat or center of our emotions. The rose represents for me the positive feelings (love, compassion, appreciation, warmth, etc) that are nourishing for our soul and that we need to cultivate, while the scissors are the tools that we need to develop ( awareness, will, discipline,…) in order to cut/let go of our negative, destructive feelings. x Ana
    On another note, we watched “Milk” on Saturday and we liked it very much and I learned a lot about the beginnings of the gay movement, “kudos” to Bill!

  29. This is beautiful. So many different associations from one drawing! I thought of how beauty and pain grow from the same source and become a part of our hearts. Also, I thought of how you (Elsa) use scissors and your heart to make beautiful things.
    I had another totally unrelated association. Years ago I worked as an assistant on a photo shoot about organ recipients. I met an older woman who had just found out that the heart that saved her life had belonged to an 18 year old girl who had died in a famous train wreck. She said that she had already known that the heart had belonged to a sweet and beautiful person. Your drawing would be a perfect illustration for this story.

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