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Posted by on Feb 3, 2009 in Blog, Drawing | 42 comments

Aquatic Girl.

Aquatic Girl.

Dear friend, today I am back with a new drawing for exercising our imagination :) I invite you to join me in a little debate about the possible meanings behind this image.

Aquatic Girl (small)

The title of the drawing is: Aquatic Girl.

Aquatic Girl (detail)
What is the girl doing inside a fish? What does the fish represent? And the leaf?
Aquatic Girl (detail 1)jpg
When I started this drawing I had a clear idea about what I wanted it to be, I clearly saw a girl inside a fish but I didn’t think about the possible meanings of the piece until after it was finished.
I am extremely curious to read your ideas since I am sure that they will be a lot more interesting than mine. Sooo looking forward to reading them!
Elsita :)
(I will write a comment about this drawing later :)


  1. Hola Elsita
    Precioso dibujo. El primer significado que se me ocurre es que la niña esta en un vientre, como antes de su nacimento. Parece estar dormida y la naturaleza la sujeta a modo de ancla a ese estado. El hilo es como un cordón umbilical.
    En el interior del pez no crecen espinas sino pequeños frutos para mantenerla viva.
    Un beso grandote

  2. Hola Elsa,
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me he quedado encantada, literalmente encantada pues todo lo que haces está lleno de magia.
    Acerca del dibujo:
    Lo primero que se me ocurrió fue Moby Dick, pero luego, al igual que Silvia pensé en la maternidad.
    Gracias por hacer cosas tan inspiradoras (!)

  3. Hola Elsa,
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me he quedado encantada, literalmente encantada pues todo lo que haces está lleno de magia.
    Acerca del dibujo:
    Lo primero que se me ocurrió fue Moby Dick, pero luego, al igual que Silvia pensé en la maternidad.
    Gracias por hacer cosas tan inspiradoras (!)

  4. Totalmente de acuerdo con los otros comentarios hispanos,, para mi representa la maternidad,, BONITAS ILUSTRACIONES ELSITA

  5. …my first thoughts were that it’s a comment on us not being complacent about our environment…she’s asleep…not concerned…feeling safe in her fish…but the fish has been caught on a line…ditto the forests…

  6. At a quick glance, I saw the relationship between just the leaf and the fish (fish supplies nutrients for the leaf–just like the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims–and leaf oxygen for the fish). I didn’t notice the girl in the fish until I looked closer. She looks so peaceful and resting quietly (I probably would be freaking out!); I think she is getting away to take a break from the ‘real’ world and she invented this symbiotic relationship between the fish and the leaf to create a space where she can rest without discovery. Whew! I wish I had a space like this sometimes!

  7. Both Flower Girl and this one elicited the same response from me…stuck. But while Flower Girl was more disturbing to me because she had her arms trapped, this one doesn’t disturb me because while she is stuck inside the fish, she looks cozy.
    I didn’t post on the last one because I read all the positive ideas and felt like a negative Nelly for thinking it was disturbing. But when I had the same reaction to this one- I thought I should share.
    I like this image more. I don’t know why. I just find it more serene I guess. It is as if the fish (and therefore the girl inside) are helping the leaf to grow.

  8. The obvious was that it was an elsita version of the story of Jonah in the belly of the great fish which I believe is a story of obedience death and resurrection. I like to think of your drawing in another way. Fish extract dissolved oxygen in the water through their gills but this little girl doesn’t have gills ( yet??) so she needs an intermediary to keep her alive while she is in the fish ( in the care of those that love and nourish her) so she obtaining her oxygen from the plant ( her friends , her school mates, her environment) because plants fix carbon dioxide and thus make oxygen to keep her alive until she can breath on her own. The little girl could be you, Natalie or really just about any of us.

  9. This reminds me of my sister, a true ‘water baby’, who once she gets in the ocean, spends hours and hours in there. I feel that the girl in the picture is going through a period of retreat and introspection, a safe return to a salty womb to regenerate, later to emerge on the surface like the leaf. For me, it shows emotional transformation.

  10. This is a beautiful drawing! So peaceful. The girl looks calm and happy. I think she just wanted to get as far away from everyone that she could, and the fish in the sea was just the place for her. But, she still has a hold on reality and her life with the leaf outside of the fish holding on by a slim stem.

  11. I love this drawing, it feels so serene and peaceful. For me, the fish represents the womb, that shelters and nourishes the girl, who is placidly waiting inside until she is ready to come out. She is connected to the outside world (depicted by the leaf) through a thin tube.
    Have a great week. x Ana

  12. This is really stunning! Somehow it doesn’t seem as disturbing to me as the flower girl – this one looks much more comfortable and at peace. It’s like she has always been there, and it’s not unnatural that she’s inside a fish. It’s very cozy in an odd way.

  13. In this piece i see the girl being very young and vulnerable but also very content. She seems to be taking sanctuary in her environment of ‘big fish’ which could signify the people around. But the big fish also needs a little help along the way and he uses the energy source from the green leaf for this. One day the little girl will grow up and become a big fish herself, hopefully the better kind, and discover she can use nature to help her through life. She might then be the nurturer of someone smaller and weaker and help them grow so that they can go it alone.

  14. Hej Elsa,
    When I say the beautiful drawing I remembered one of my biologylessons. In my biologylesson I’ve learned that in a very early stage a fetus has gills and a tail for a very small period of time. So for me it means that the girl is waiting to be born. In the meantime she is using the umbilical cord to breath.

  15. aaah, she looks so peaceful and safe in there. Your drawings are lovely and fascinating.

  16. I see this girl as content and safe in her watery womb….while being anchored and connected by the umbilical cord/stem to the outside world, as represented by the leaf (and an oak leaf, at that; very strong)
    It’s lovely. Cheers,

  17. She looks like a baby in utero and the leaf is the placenta. Very peaceful, happy little girl who is resting at the moment. Fish are some of my favorite creatures on the planet.

  18. Darn! Once again I am at a loss but thanks for making me think! My first thought is that I admire the mind that could create such a picture! So now I will wait for you answer to your question!

  19. I was thinking the same thing as Susan… it reminded me of the womb… maybe the thoughts of being in another world, the imagination as the girl is floating inside, and the leaf represents the growth and natural process, like Susan said– the strength of the oak tree. Land and Water. Hmmmm. I love that you make us think!!!!

  20. I’m not going to read any of the other interpretations until I finish.
    I think it’s about needing to retreat and return to your dream cycles, natural movements, emotional root, to sleep and regain strength.
    I think the fish is the way we get nourishment from our subconscious. Hide inside our sea-self and allow the sea to feed us until we are strong again.

  21. The girl is safe. The fish is transporting the girl, taking her to where she should be or needs to be. The leaf is that place or represents that place – land, peace, abundance. But I don’t know why the fish is the one to take the girl there. I would like a fish to come and take me to where I need to be.

  22. Hmmmmm…my first thought was “I feel like a fish out of water”…which maybe is how this lovely little one feels….and she is comfortable, quite possible pleased with it. Being different isn’t a bad thing, right? The leaf? Perhaps it represents the little vehicle/canoe at her disposal for whenever she wants to return to land.

  23. Ok…this is an easy one!
    It is all about having total faith!
    The girl looks comfortable and cozy even inside the fish. She has total faith that she is going exactly where she is supposed to go in her life. The whole scene is peaceful and comforting.
    The fish symbolizes her protection. Almost God-like he is engulfing her with his swiftness, strength and determination to get her to her destination. While she is not having to worry one bit.
    To me, the leaf is the nourishment they both need to make the life journey. And uneventfully the fish brings it along because he knows that the girl needs “food”…something to sustain her throughout her life journey.
    So the girl has put her faith into the other being (the fish) to nourish her, protect her and see her through her life.
    It almost has a Biblical feel. Because of the Jonah and the whale story. And to me it has a very spiritual meaning of faith. Having faith enough to put your trust in something bigger than yourself to see you through in this life!
    Ok…now I can read all the others…and see what they think.

  24. Right off the bat I’m thinking that this little fish reminds me a bit of an angler fish – the deep ocean dwellers with an attached light. It’s transporting the girl safely through unchartered territories. All the while the girl is snug and secure in a semi-trance state. She’ll awaken once they have arrived. The attached seaweed leaf signals to others that the fish is a transporter. It also serves as protection while they journey through the deep waters. :-)

  25. Aside from the fact that it’s fantastic, it perplexes and invites all kinds of ideas at the same time. I like that she looks okay about the situation but I get the feeling that she’s fallen asleep while waiting for some solution to her little problem of being inside the fish. I wonder if she is attached to the other end of the thread that starts with the leaf and goes into the fish’s mouth. Was she the tantalising bait the fish took that connects it to the “outside” world of trees and leaves?

  26. A mí me ha recordado en el acto algo que me dijeron una vez que me fotografiaron el aura con una cámara Kirlian: que mi curación se iba a encontrar siempre en el mar. Como esta niña, estoy atada a la tierra (la hoja), que me da sustento, pero mi verdadero ser está ligado al mar, que es el origen de toda vida. Como esa niña, cuando estoy en el vientre del mar, estoy relajada y feliz. Se me curan todas las enfermedades y se me pasan todas las tristezas.

  27. Elsita, I love the drawing very much!
    The girl seems to be at the best place for this moment. She is in a fish, but this particular fish does not seem important to me. It is a temporary place. And there will be a natural time for the little girl to wake up and come out of the fish.
    The leaf is more important because it is feeding the fish and girl.

  28. Auqatic Girl is content that God will supply all her needs. Shelter, Rest, Nourishment and Clothing.
    I’d call it, Nourishing Dreams.
    A place where she can nourish her
    God Bless You and Yours and Your
    Creative Life!!!

  29. Once upon a time there was a little girl whose mother was very sick. The little girl tended to her mother will love and devotion until the time her mother was called to move on to another world. The little girl was heartbroken – lost and lonely. A kind fish discovered the little girl crying and offered to care for her. The girl gratefully accepted and the fish swallowed her whole. Inside the fish, the girl slowly healed. The fish assured her that one day her heart would mend and she would be ready for the world again. “When that day comes,” the fish said, “just climb out of my mouth and on to the leaf. I will bite the cord and you will ascend to live in the sun.”

  30. Going back to the other “person in fish” stories, I wonder if this girl is doing what she should be doing in her life. Jonah wasn’t, and a whale swallowed him. Pinochio ran away from his problems, and a whale swallowed him as well. What is this girl running away from? Is the leaf representative of family, as in “the leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree,” or does it represent growth? She doesn’t want to grow up? Her fish appears to be somewhat bound to that symbol, whatever it is.
    Loving the fact that I get a chance to do some interpretation. Thanks. jan

  31. This is one of the ideas that came to mind after I finished this drawing:
    I had an artist friend that used a fish in her work as a symbol of mystery and as a symbol of all those things that we cannot explain or understand. I remember her say in an interview: mystery is something slippery because, like a fish, it is hard to hold in our hands.
    The girl in the drawing has decided to embrace the mystery of life and that’s why she is an aquatic girl, because she goes with the flow. The leaf could represent all those things that are always growing around us that we have no control over, things that are just there and we cannot explain but they are part of our lives.
    (my friend the artist committed suicide in 1999, that was one of the biggest shocks in my life; she was in the best time of her career and she seemed to be the happiest person. It turned out that she was going through a deep depression that only a few relatives knew about. When I look at her work now (which is all in black and white) I see that somehow she was trying to represent her own inner mystery)

  32. The girl inside the fish looks so comfortable and sheltered! For me, water is a safe place. Fishes in water have all they need around them, and this girl looks very content to be protected and fed by this fish.
    As for the leaf, it’s the fish reaching out to create more life with it’s own material. So this is like a metaphor for creativity, of feeling safe inside, something great could be born!

  33. We are all connected. There would be no fish is it weren’t for the girl and vice versa.

  34. A few months ago an image of myself curled up, womblike, inside a great trunk of a tree popped into my head. Your drawing reminds me of that image. The little girl looks very peaceful in her little room inside the fish. She’s being provided oxygen by the leaf, so she really has no worries at all. She needs that time of peace, quiet, and protection deep under the sea to rest, to dream, to think, to remember to value the important things in her life. Sometimes the terrestrial world can be too loud and crowded and full of worries, and your perfect little image encapsulates the break we sometimes need from it. When she emerges from her aquatic sanctuary she will be refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges. It’s serene and beautiful.

  35. Sorry about your friend. I’ve known some people who commited suicide. Two family members. One who took her life last year. Another person I hadn’t known very long. He always seemed depressed except the week b/4 he took his own life. He was very happy. I put up a warning sign link on my blog after one of the family members did this last year.
    God Bless You and Yours
    and Your Creative Life!!!

  36. Of course, the fish is symbolic of Christ… perhaps being enveloped and sustained by faith. This drawing is so unique, so intriguing!

  37. She reminds me, a girl that her parents don’t allow her to grow (to be independent). She grows safe inside the fish (her parents). The fish transports her any place, wherever he wants. The girl don’t have any option or opinion. The plant represent all the things the girl and the fish need to exist. But fish takes only what he needs and transform the plant into fruits (twist the reality) for the girl.
    Some day the girl will grow so big and she will be asphyxiated by the fish. She will take one of these options: die inside or find another bigger fish. Or maybe she will independent at last.
    Sorry for my grammatical errors.

  38. to me it is another sort of tree of life or cycle of life…but perhaps a little backwards. the fish has eaten the girl and the fish is getting oxygen from the plant…not sure if that makes ANY sense at all but it is what it reminded me of. i’ve seen an indian depiction of a tree with the roots going down and eventually become salmon…it reminds me of that!

  39. to me it is another sort of tree of life or cycle of life…but perhaps a little backwards. the fish has eaten the girl and the fish is getting oxygen from the plant…not sure if that makes ANY sense at all but it is what it reminded me of. i’ve seen an indian depiction of a tree with the roots going down and eventually become salmon…it reminds me of that!

  40. Oh my sweet flora, your girl is so precious and biuateful!! Happy birthday sweet K!! We are both born on the same month and that is soo cool! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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