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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Adults, Artists, Blog, Ceramic | 9 comments

Makoto Kagoshima’s Ceramic Plates.

Makoto Kagoshima’s Ceramic Plates.


I love Makoto Kagoshima‘s ceramic plates so much!  They are so special. You should like the artist’s Facebook page for updates. Also, I invite you to see the photos that I posted from the opening of the show ‘About Paper‘ here in Los Angeles, California. The show has paper pieces from 11 artists, and I am one of them.

Photos ©  Makoto Kagoshima ↓



makoto kagoshima facebook







  1. Hi Elsa,
    I love this work too (Makoto Kagoshima is a man!)

  2. I LOVE his work! His animal imagery is so lovely!

  3. Where can you get his plates? Does anyone know? Thanks!!

  4. Question: Is Makoto’s ceramic work in sgraffito or just painted on? I can’t seem to find this reference anywhere. Thanks!

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