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Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 in Artist's Book, Blog | 21 comments

The Journey.

The Journey.

1 copy

Front of box copy

Book todo copy

Librito fuera de box copy

Librito solo copy

Open 2 copy

Open 1

Open 3 copy

Bird in fly copy

Vertical book copy

Librito acostado copy

Title: The Journey.

Measurements: box: 4″ x 51/2“x 1”

book: 2″ x 4 1/4” (closed)

Materials: Acid free paper, ink, acid free glue, ribbon.

Signed, dated and numbered on the back of the book.

Limited edition of 4. (sold out)

This miniature artist’s book is about the journey that life is. The first element inside the book is a colorful pop-up bird that raises up when you open the first page. This bird represents freedom and our ability to reach goals.

Following the bird, inside the accordion pages, there is also a snake going through a landscape with four trees. Each tree represents one of the four seasons of life (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring). The snake symbolizes the struggles that many of of us face while going through the different stages of life (or seasons).  

With this book I want to celebrate the amazing journey that life is. Both sides of life, the dark side and the bright one, are important because they make us wiser and stronger. 

Every element was carefully made by hand paying lots of attention to detail. It took several hours to complete the 4 editions of this book. Each piece looks just like the book in the pictures.



  1. ¡Qué precioso está! Me encantan los colores. Ojalá que hubiera un museo para todas tus obras, creo que tu blog es algo parecido 🙂 Me encantaría poder verlas en persona un día.

  2. This i so beautiful, sublime!

  3. this is stunning- so beautiful with such a perfect life message to reflect on~

  4. i love every little detail but it there is something extra special about the shape of the book.
    A home, an arrow or image of direction but it also looks like a very small well used pencil:)

  5. What a treasure for some lucky person. I don’t know how you can give it up.

  6. Stunning! it is just amazing to look at the detail and know how small it is and yet carries a large message.

  7. Congratulations! These will sell immediately and make their purchasers very happy.

  8. Have been waiting for weeks to see another miniature book posted. So… this morning, when the power suddenly went off, for 2 hours, there was your email and I missed it:(((((
    This looks stunningly beautiful.
    Will cross my fingers for the next one.

  9. I’m so sorry that you missed the little book Dale!
    But don’t worry because new ones will be coming out in the future!

  10. This reminds me of a time when I was very little, perhaps four or five years old, when I had a phase of making little notes hidden within small envelopes with small cut out shapes that I would go around and hide in the big books in my school 🙂 I haven’t thought of that in years! Your work is so inspiring, it makes me remember parts of myself I left behind. x

  11. Everything ought to be beautiful in a human being: face, and dress, and soul, and ideas.

  12. On earth there is nothing great but man; in the man there is nothing great but mind.

  13. amazingly beautiful….my youngest two sons, have just completed summer college studies in (1) Moscow, Russia — language skills and (2) Nepal — eastern art history/religion/medicine…..that style book would be perfect to showcase, 5-7 of their favorite photos.
    on your trip to NYC, will you be visiting the NYC Center for Book Arts? I hope so. I do think your son will enjoy the visit, too….just keep it to reasonable length of time, and hopefully he can see someone
    using the letterpress or other marvelous antique book-making equipment. And, a NY gelati is always a good treat for hot weather, and it does get hot in the summer.

  14. my laptop was stolen along with all my “favorites” and now finally i refound you, and this amazing new blog, ohhh, how exquistely exciting to read and view all these miniature treasures!

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