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  1. the way this folds and unfolds is just magical
    i imagine your brain works in a similar way sometimes.

  2. All these books are beautiful, but I think this one might be my favourite! The cover is exquisite. Your precision and attention to detail are amazing.

  3. So Nice! Great!

  4. These are amazing. it reminds me of when I was young and I used to make tiny poetry books for my dolls. These are absolute treasures!

  5. Hi, do you have the folding pattern for this piece please? Thankyou.

  6. Kids often hate doing house cleaning and dish washing, but if you add some spice into the family game time, things can become somewhat appealing for them.

  7. I don’t think so- as far as I know Tom’s family has had them for years and they ayalws switch the set up every year. This year I was honored to assemble it. =)I really love these.

  8. You go girl that is so awesome!!! the pics r great!! I am sure the Lord is so proud of you ttielng all to know he has graced you with many blessing to get you though this rocky road & without him it would be more rocky!!! We have Hope & grace which is an awesome thing too have because he is an awesome God!! Thanks for being my friend Miss A in Christ love sheila

  9. I had no idea that so many different effects could be achieved with paper alone! I love each and every book!!!! well done

  10. Hi Billi-Jean,I just got caught-up on yours post from the last two weeks. My coetmpur was being evil. I hope you are feeling better by now. I love your Christmas display with the little village. It sounds like this was perfect for your house. I’m so happy to hear that A Christmas Carol, was a big hit. We have it on our lesson plan for this week and next. I hope Billy (age 12) enjoys it as much as Jordan has. When I taught in the regular classroom, we weren’t allowed to choose from classics like Dickens. I’ve found his writing a bit wordy and dense for my kids, at times; but this novella has always shone above his other works to me.I’ve found that our kids have a completely different frame of reference. Bill and I had relatives born during the 19th century. They talked about their lives, and we learned. Our kids don’t even know about how people lived in the 20th century! How could they possibly understand our great-grandparents? I’m happy that Jordan is learning and a way to hop that he shares with my kids!Merry Christmas,Donna Merry Christmas to You All,Donna

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